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Hell Asylum (2002) (V)
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What the Hell was this ?, 23 March 2004

I rented this movie after seeing a rather scary looking front cover ( flame covered cover with a picture of a burning skull screaming on it). now after looking at that i was expecting a scary, gory and throughly enjoyable cheap, low budget horror movie, but what i got was CRAP! the film looked as if a child thought up the idea. it was so typically unoriginal that i was annoyed at the lack of effort put into it. The film looked as if the the makers got the money for it, spent it down the pub then finally decided to make a quick film with the small change left. The acting was terrible, but what do you expect if you get acting reject's ( the character stacey says it all: i just want to get on tv ) the premise was appalling and the camera work blew! especially the static cut shots at the beginning. The filmmakers of this film should be embarassed by what they have done and never be able to make movies again. How people like this can make movies when they're are other talents out there struggling is a mystery to me. 1/10- that one is for the cheek the film makers had when they believed the movie was a good idea.

And will people stop praising this film! it's not a good film! i'd hate to see your video collection!

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Too Rushed!, 1 March 2004

I was in my local video shop when i come across this film in a section of ill fated movies such as Bacherlor Man and 100 Dates. i read the back and thought that it sounded cool. I took the film home and settled down to watch a film that i was expecting to be a low budget American horror film. But what i ended up with was a cheap made for TV/straight to video, British thriller. This film lacked a quality that i expect from mystery horrors/thrillers. Edward Furlong's character was so boring and undeveloped that i was bored after the first act. He seemed to stroll through this film looking lost and confused and he looked to me as if he couldn't be bothered to even try. Emila Fox and Patrick Miles did not suit their roles as the Coppers, and Craig Kelly's faux American accent is the worst in recent history!!! it was so awful that i bet the director wished he had dubbed it later! The story was very promising on paper, but the way it was put on to the screen seemed as though they had rushed the project and used the script without any re-writes. The ending had promise, but then when i thought the film had ended alittle disappointingly, they tried to add an extra Big TWIST!!!. This was the worst Twist in living memory and i absoulutely feel angry that someone let the filmmakers put it in at the end! it was so irrelevent and so confusing. Twists work well if the film is good! Overall, this film was very rushed and underdeveloped! i never felt fully into the film That'll teach me to rent a film i find in the section with films i've never heard of. I now know why i had never heard of it. 2 / 10 - one point for a promising story and one point for being better that Gigli ( but only just!)