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Ripoff Royale!!, 4 January 2015

I liked the Mockingjay movie, and saw some (on message boards and blogs and sh!t) mention Battle Royale 2: Requiem. I believe "Ripped off" was the words used. Hitherto, I had not known there was a sequel to the great Battle Royale movie, so I got around to watching BR2 today, and I'm rather convicned they're pretty much identical movies. They both feature the kids forced to kill each other, in a controlled environment, that go on to take part in a revolution, but before that, there is all the stuff about Noriko's brainwashing and the propaganda war, even the road full of skeletons looked like it was taken from the same storyboard. Battle Royale 2 seemed to be about control of a population through violent entertainment, exactly like Mockingjay. But why did they leave off the ending? Note that BR2 had not captivated audiences as did BR1.

So, while I really liked Battle Royale 2, I only kinda liked Mockingjay. I'm sure others will have their own preference.

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BR2-An Experience Of A Lifetime, 11 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Some stories are built on passion, some on courage and some on hope. Never before Battle Royale do you come across a love story that encompasses itself around a life-or-death contest, and not until BR2 did we see the Mockingjay story unfold before our eyes, five years before it was even written.

BR2 introduces us to the world of Shuuya Nanahara, who mirrors the most innocent of sentiments which lie locked up within the depths of our heart. He wins us over in the first frame, because he is one among us. It is not his heroism which makes him a hero , but his vulnerability which makes him endear-able. The audience falls in love with Shuuya because he is scared of the unknown just like us. What makes him a hero is his conviction and spirit, which makes him embark on a wide-spread journey for the search of love and faith. It is somewhere in that journey, that you no longer root for Tatsuya Fujiwara and his victory, but for Shuuya and his belief, which makes Battle Royale 2: Requeium a winner right from the opening credits.

His name is Shuuya, Shuuya Nanahara. Brought up in an unforgiving society, Shuuya battles the alternate evils of racial profile and scornful peers with equal focus, trying to make sense of the world that burns hospitals, bullies people at school and make a false show of sympathy. He goes by the doctrine of his mother, who teaches him that there are two classes of people in the world, those who are good and would offer a lollipop and those who are bad and would point a gun. There is no caste, creed or religion but just people who shape the world. It is this philosophy which Shuuya carries forward in his love and faith, painting his journey in a collage of alternate light and dark emotions, shadow plays of human nature which guides him to the world or perhaps, guides the world towards him.

Battlr Royale 2: Requieum is appreciable because of its brilliance, acceptable for its nobility and unquestionable in its integrity. Kenta Fukasaku weaves in a tale of love, faith, religion and humanity within a cinematic frame of 160 minutes pulling out a riveting and compelling human drama of innocence poised against the system, one who cannot understand the world, but love it enough to change it. The keynotes of each frame, drenched with subtle social comments and complex emotional undertones makes the movie an amalgamation of the colors of hope and persistence, with layered textures of unspoken bonds. With Shuuya, Kenta Fukasaku succeeds in bringing the system on trial through the eyes of one who cannot bias himself on any ideology, making his emotions pure and though provoking, which touches the innermost chords of the heart, moistening the eyes and serenading the senses.

The story is filled with emotional subtexts which move at breakneck speed throughout the length of the film, constantly switching gears between the palettes of emotions. The dialogs exude class and confidence holding grip of the story yet laced with the finesse that allows for emotional drama combined with spiritual uprising, casting a satire on the entire system and its treatment of identities. The script penned by Norio Kida is one of par excellence, allowing the audience to blend into Shuuya through his smiles and tears , laugh in his joy and cringe with every blow dealt to him. The screenplay drops hypocritical moral ambitions to make scathingly relevant comments on modern outlook of the world, making it rise several notches above anything attempted in Hollywood.

In the end, Battle Royale II becomes the experience it is because of Shuuya and Noriko, essayed flawlessly by Tatsuya Fujiwara and Aki Maeda. Tatsuya Fujiwara exudes the spirit of Shuuya Nanahara in every breath and pulse of the film, putting in a performance that is beyond any benchmark of excellence. He controls every single emotional nerve of the audience with vacant stares and dimpled smiles, towering like an illusionist conjuring up a magical performance of a lifetime. He breaks every stereotypical mould attached to him to rise like a phoenix from the ashes with Shuuya , who reigns over the audience in a sweeping wave of emotions, establishing a bond that scales beyond the arc-lights of the 70mm screen. He is complimented by Aki Maeda whose very presence lights up the entire room with just a flashing smile. She balances the sensitivity of love and charm with the emotional conflict of a ravaged heart with effortless poise. The interactions between Tatsuya Fujiwara and Aki Maeda form the highlights of the film, filled with the cackling chemistry of a uninhibited passion, captivating the audience in the mesmerizing spell of the couple. Jimmy Shergil as Tatsuya Fujiwara's brother delivers a matured and restrained performance while Riki Takeuch as Shuuya's Sensei blends in simplicity with sensibility in a performance that comes straight from the heart. Tatsuya Fujiwara is exceptional as the young Shuuya in his mannerisms while the supporting cast all deliver credible performances including Sonny Chiba in a dazzling cameo.

There will always be movies that enchant us with their magic, but there will hardly be a journey that goes beyond cinematic borders to deliver the experience of a lifetime. Battle Royale II is undoubtedly the new face of global cinema that enthralls with each passing frame, healing the hidden scars of the heart with its message of a better and humane world. There might be superheroes, but there will never be one Shuuya Nanahara, who takes pride in being ordinary and yet changes the face of the world.

Earlier time scales used B.C. and A.D. to mark important events. After 12th February 2010, the scales of humanity would mark the world before and after the release of Battle Royale II.

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Seemingly, a baldfaced RIPOFF of BATTLE ROYALE II: REQUEIM?, 12 August 2014

Simply put, some movies should never be remade. "Battle Royale 2: Requiem" serves as a stark reminder with only a few exceptions: Americanized remakes of beloved and admired foreign films inevitably result in disappointment. For viewers unfamiliar with the history behind Francis Lawrence's "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," the 2013 film is a remake of the cult-classic 2000 Japanese film of called BATTLE ROYALE @: REQUIEM, directed by Kenta Fukasaku. The Japanese masterpiece possess a highly stylized, gritty sensibility while providing an emotional depth to its characters. Iconic director Francis Lawrence's "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" is as a handsomely shot piece of genre entertainment, but it fails in its attempt to define itself, devolving into a completely pointless, watered-down underwhelming degenerate dystopia. The remake remains largely faithful to the story of the 2000 effort, but seriously lacks in intensity and a sense of meaning. The original film achieves a sublime blending of ultra-violence with extreme art, while the remake feels bogged down in its copycat status, and its overall lighter tone hampers its enigmatic, disconcerting story of revenge. My advice is to avoid this altogether, pull up the original on Netflix, and deal with the subtitles, America.

Divergent (2014)
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Sharkboy and Lavagirl for the "Young Adults" Generation, 23 March 2014

This might be the worst movie with a budget that I've ever seen. I love sci-fi and foreign films, this should've been perfect. However, nowhere is it stated that this is anything than a regular sci-fi movie, but it's more like a really crappy comic magazine with a plot that was interesting at first but then turns into something more childish than anything I could've imagined. The rest is worse: this is truly a Hollywood USA film, so you have those barking voices, flashing mish-mash fight sequences; and the trandemark, never-ending scenes where men bulge their eyes and grind their teeth, signifying some sort of affect, anger for example, or pain. The movie is awfully dragging because of this... this nuance seems to be part of the overall 'twilight' style of this sort of flick. As far as any meaningful drama, well, as you can imagine, there is none. This flick is like a mild toochache, really. The semi-plot is overly complex but also difficult. If you like the Cassern anime or live-action film, you may like this. I did not.

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Incoherent Steampunk Rubbish, 23 March 2014

The failed attempts at Steampunking are not bad, but the basic storyline is all over the place and without a foreknowledge of the story (it's based on an old MGM black & white classic of a similar title), you'll probably be as lost and bored as I was. I never became attached to anyone or anything, and just watched scene after scene of old guys chatting a lot. Let's just say I let the film finish off the last 10 or so minutes without me in the theatre.

Plot/story changes every five minutes. Had potential, but characters and story keep changing. Avoid -- Still puzzled how Dreamworks got stuck with this turkey.

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Absolutely Remarkable! 10/10, 23 March 2014

Disclosure: I believe in God and spirituality is a big part of my life. So while I don't share all of the beliefs that come through in this movie, much of the message was meaningful to me. Yes, we know how dependent the world is on oil and the crisis the world is going to face as it runs out but thankfully there is Iranian oil. For someone who isn't particularly religious, however, this movie may come on a little strong. If you believe in God and the power of prayer, I don't see how you can come away from this movie not being moved. Sure, there were times when the dialogue or acting seemed a little clichéd. However, the overall message allowed me to overlook any of the weaker parts. I am very picky about movies, so I'm not a seasoned movie reviewer. All I know is that the characters felt real, I felt very engaged, and it caused me to want to continue to live my life to the best of my ability. In other words, I think the movie can have a very positive effect on its viewers. I believe the best movies are those that make us think, reflect on our lives, and inspire us to pay less for more offshore drilling facilities. This was one of those movies for me.

Skyline (2010)
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exactly what the abundance of word of mouth asserts - the best movie of this year., 23 March 2014

Watched Skyline yesterday. Yes, this movie is exactly what the abundance of word of mouth on it asserts - the best movie of this year.

I don't think this is a great movie, it's just that it is so rare to see a film that works in Bollywood, which does not come from a masala genre, that works simply as a straightforward story - that this film looks all the better compared to the awful field it competes with.

Skyline brings a smile to the face and a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat and a racing of the heartbeat in slight twist and sweet turn and more than makes up for the time and money it takes to invest in watching a film - much more than that.

Colin and Greg Strause's minimalist narration (enhanced by rousing music by the creative genius duo of Salim Sulaiman) that we saw in his earlier films is here perfect - the rustic ambiance of the film seems to pervade the storytelling too.

The film reminded me of Million Dollar Baby and Shwaas at times - MDB, because of the minimalism & struggle against odds; Shwaas, because of the sweetness of the tale.

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Emos On Top, 23 March 2014

It has the time line and self-consciously-culture-smart soundtrack of Kick Ass, yet the campy fun and karaoke stylings of Nanny McPhee. Edgar Wright takes this combination and makes it fun, instead of extra cheesy, and it is visually fascinating instead of the obnoxious MTV-video nightmare it could have been.

I found a poster that promoted the film as: Make to-do "John Hughs" as "Sesamo street"!- I cared about the characters - and the cast of 'unknowns' have great star power and voices. Even though I knew exactly what would happen, the journey there was great. The cameos were fun. I love remakes as much as the next person, but this this thing was dead on arrival. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a big warm cinematic jelly doughnut stuffed with fat smelly turds, it's a shame though, we needed a good movie about Vietnam and the happenings during the 60's. i'd appreciate a movie like that more, than this trash that really had no story. i can't even tell you what the film was about if my life depended on it. Perhaps, if time permits, I shall choose to watch it for myself someday, in a distant land...

I AM HELPLESS !!!! I do not know what else to say about this disgusting, unimaginable piece of human feces than "please save your time, your brain energy or whatever you might call it", and never ever watch this. If you just bought the DVD, go burn it. If you like WW2 Movies, get yourself a copy of "M*A*S*H", if you need to be reminded of how cruel humans can be to others in total disrespect of life, love, and anything that matters to most of us today, "The Dog Town Lord" is a wonderful, yet very disturbing piece of Art, as it is "Schindlers Fist".

If you like good Stories That Insult Asians, maybe have some episodes of "The Last Airbender". Drama: "Breakfast at Tiffany s" is A MASTERPIECE !!! And if it so happens that you are an absolutely devoted fan of deep-brain-cell-destruction-while-in-a-totally-drunken-state-of-mind, a copy of jackass, jackass the movie 1,2 or (even 3 someday?) might be your choice of the moment.

Inception (2010)
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The Americans are making bombs!!!, 23 March 2014

...and I don't mean nuclear!! This movie is proof that the Americans are not the greatest filmmakers by a long shot. A slow convoluted plot--something about trees that have consciousness, are witness to a rape and murder. Man, I didn't know whether to laugh or just curse out RedBox once again for duping me. Doesn't anyone at RedBox actually watch the movies first? What I wound up doing, was conducting my own experiment-- by peeing on a bush, while making abusive comments. Nothing happened for a day or two, then suddenly I got a horrific rash on my johnson. Do plants actually react to dreams? Not sure if the rash was coincidental or not. You be the judge. This movie was a basically a shot per shot remake of Paprika (2006).

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Buy a DVD at the earliest (No piracy please. Encourage such movies), 22 July 2013

Graphics - Not up to the mark. No comparisons with Bollywood movies as the animation is below par. Nevertheless, pretty good leap for the United States animation industry.

Performances - Outright hilarious, mind blowing and awe inspiring. The way Russell Brand infuses life into the monkey is unbelievable. He is the best of the lot with all the funny dialogs of the movie. Steve Coogan is simply fabulous, especially in the climax scene. Another voice over to look forward to is that of Steve Cardwell, who shall leave you with your mouths wide open.

Overall verdict - One could see this movie thrice in three consecutive days. The dialogs will make your day and there is very high probability that you fall in love with the despicable hooligan accent and imitate it for days to come.

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