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This is a list constantly growing and evolving, a lifetime journey through my personal favourites movies of all time and other films that I think film lovers and cinephiles would find interesting (or not).

I really hope all of you enjoy this travel as much as I do.

Thanks in advance to everyone who visit this humble (and entirely subjective) list.

P.S. I accept suggestions, of course. There are so many good movies out there that it is impossible to locate all by myself.
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Are you a loser? Alright, don't worry about it, you're not alone...
Here's your list!
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Underrated movies for people like you, who are not like the others...
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(including 'unnecesary waste of time' movies)
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A list of necessary films that you probably would not like to watch (una lista de películas necesarias que probablemente no te gustaría ver).
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Or how sometimes a TV movie is better than a film itself...
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Ja tvoi sluga, Ja tvoi rabotnik.

We're charging our battery and now we're full of energy.
We are the robots, we're functioning automatic and we are dancing mechanic.
We are programmed just to do anything you want us to.

Ja tvoi sluga, Ja tvoi rabotnik.
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All films deserve a new chance... or maybe not.
Anyway, these are not as bad as you think.
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A life of TV dreaming...