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Wildly Entertaining, 3 March 2013

Wreck it Ralph is kid friendly at its core and as an added plus equally entertaining to adult. All you can ask for in child entertainment is firstly, a movie or animation that is not overly violent for know apparent reason. Secondly, there should be a clear point that the children can connect too, in perhaps the form of a life lesson, the size of the lesson or point is irreverent at this point. Thirdly, for God's sake the movie or animation should be able to keep an adults interest; albeit barley!

Wreck it Ralph not only was a bona fide hit but my niece and nephew loved the very fact that is was based on video games. My niece loved the character Vanellope, voiced by none other than Sarah Silverman. Whereas my nephew thought Wreck it Ralph was, to use his words "A good Guy-Not bad guy" yes, he really liked Wreck it Ralph. John C. Reilly, did an outstanding voice over job as The Ralph personality, I sat through the movie trying to put the voice to a Hollywood face.

However, I would be remiss if I failed to take a shot at Brave winner of the "best animated feature" I guess marketing wins over substance. I asked my niece and nephew, whom they preferred, hands down Wreck it Ralph won by a land slide. Furthermore, having performed this rather unscientific poll, I can only assume that a.) Wreck it Ralph came out to late b.) Brave had a massive campaign push that gave it the Oscar edge c.) The Academy dropped the ball yet again. If past evidence has any weight, I whole heartedly believe option C is the most viable option.

Wreck it Ralph was entertaining and taught the little ones that there is more going on then what is on the surface. My niece and nephew, if any indication, loved this movie, and I too think this is a must watch of child and adult alike.

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John Carter, had imagination, action and stunning CGI environments., 23 May 2012

John Carter, had imagination, action and stunning CGI environments. However it seems the majority of the movie reviewers came down negatively in their reviews of this major motion picture. The resourcefulness, required to bring the Martian landscape to life, should be noted. It was done with creativity and had a life of its' own. There were very few lulls in the action sequences; it was steady and done tastefully. The CGI Martian themselves looked tangible and were believable. If you were to judge this movie on the merit of strictly plot, it would fail miserably. However, in defense of John Carter, one only need look as far back as Battleship, Transformers and countless other entries in the Sci-Fi genera, to fully understand it is not always all about the plot. Although a properly written script works wonders. There are few Sci-Fi movies that have both a resounding plot and effects to boot, such as Star-Wars, Aliens and perhaps even Avatar. Considering all these factors, John Carter was nowhere as bad as all the reviewers would lead you to believe. Yes, the plot was weak, but most people do not go into watching this type of film expecting Sophie Choice or Chariots of Fire. This Hollywood block buster delivered what it advertised an exciting action laden movie with, imaginative environments and plenty of CGI.

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Get the Gringo was an exciting action comedy that featured some unpredictable plot twist and turns along the way., 23 May 2012

Get the Gringo was an exciting action comedy that featured some unpredictable plot twist and turns along the way. Director Adrian Grunberg, wisely allowed Mel Gibson to be himself, and what the audience received in return was one of Mel Gibson's better performance's to date. He cracked jokes when needed, kicked ass when called upon, and was sly and cunning when it was time to be so; it is very nice to see Mel Gibson back. The part played by Kevin Hernandez of The Sitter, was nothing short of outstanding, I absolutely see an incredible future for this kid, he carried his part and some. The plot that writers Mel Gibson and Adrian Grunberg came up with was original and left you on the edge of your seat. This is a credit to the writers, that a movie such as this could be laced with action and then peppered with comedy it came together like a fine dining entrée at a four star restaurant. There is nothing to complain about, I thought the acting was great the story was tantalizing, the action was credible Get the Gringo was a win, win, for all involved.

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A must watch for those who want to see a bit of substance within the action, adventure, comedy genera., 20 May 2012

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island, was a fantastic feel good story that young adults and children alike will enjoy. There was a little bit of everything that all ages groups could relate too. The story was well written; wisely the director Brad Peyton allowed some comedic interjection played by long time veterans Michael Caine and often under-appreciated Luis Guzmán. The "Rock" Dwayne Johnson did his best to not try to over sell the lovey-dovey connection between the characters of Josh Hutcherson and the lovely Vanessa Hudgens.

The writers did a fantastic job allowing the comedy to natural unfold within the plot confines. This strategy was key: keeping any adults watching this movie from wiggling and squirming in their seats. Too often these types of movies are marketed to the children or vice-versa it was a pleasant surprise to see the writers, directors and producers were on the same page.

The acting was solid. The special effects were extraordinary. This is one of the best performances that Dwayne Johnson has been part of. One can only look forward to seeing him involved in more of these types of projects, instead of trying to be the action hero type.

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island was a win for the kiddies, young adults and adults. A must watch for those who want to see a bit of substance within the action, adventure, comedy genera.

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A cult classic, that will never be replicated!, 18 May 2012

Blade Runner is a cult classic that surprisingly has held up well over time. Starring Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer and Edward James Olmos to name but a few prominent stars that were involved in: what every true Sci-Fi fan knows is a cult-classic in the genera.

The story centers around a bounty hunter three escaped androids or replicants as they are now famously described as. The human element at times is discarded in the Sci-Fi genera, but that is not the case in Bade Runner. Their is a human elements that is decreasingly made available to today's audiences.

One only need think of the Transformers movies by Michel "I only blow stuff up" Bay, to understand the concept of the human, emotional connection is rare thing in today's Sci-Fi filmmakers.

In all honesty, I am not sure if the audience is a by product of the directors lack of ability to extend that emotional struggle to the audience or if it's vice-versa. Needless to say , it is sorely missing.

Blade Runner is exceptionable, and delivers on the true nature of this category of film making. Their is plenty of action but more importantly their is a real story that is brilliantly allowed to unfold frame by frame, and that is a rare thing.

Battleship (2012)
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very good graphics with a plausible story, its a win!, 18 May 2012

I am extremely happy to see a movie about an alien invasion, that has nothing to do with the invaders wanting our resources aka Battlefield L.A., Cowboys and Aliens and all the other rubbish that fall's in that category. This motion picture was well written, acted and produced.

Finally Holly Wood pulled their collective heads out of their asses and delivered, the way we all knew they were capable of doing. This was a well thought out movie, with plenty of eye dropping detail that was integrated harmoniously with the special effects. There was balance between the two and it worked to perfection.

There were some surprises that for spoiler reason I can not dive into. All I can say is the United States Navy rocks, they kicked ass. I was cheering, yelling, screaming and finally rooting for the the men and women of the Armed Forces.

Battleship delivered a bonafided block buster, that will not be forgotten for some time to come.

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Powerful tale that brings horror, emotion and a true tale together splendidly., 18 May 2012

Truth be told I stumbled upon this flick by accident. I was bored flicking through my cable channels and thought the description was interesting. I could not have been more surprised at how well executed this movie was. A Real Friend is well written, acted out and directed.

The choices made by the director to focus on the child and slowly bring into focus the monsters and the child's connection and then its strength: was brilliant. The mother's sex drive was odd, but the story in general was a pleasant surprise. Their are some heavy weight monster's on display towards the end, I was thrilled to see it all the elements come together, the mother's sex drive, the father, the monster relationship is was magnificently filmed and written.

I would be remiss if I did not tell you in advance that this is only available with English subtitles, the primary language is Spanish. Works for me since I speak, write and talk it very well.

Final Word If you do not mind subtitles, this is a spectacular movie, which is part of a bigger package: 6 Films to Keep You Awake.

The Grey (2011)
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The Grey was a survival movie at heart., 22 February 2012

The Grey was a survival movie at heart. What does or what will it take to survive? Are you prepared to make the tough choices or will you allow the deeper sinister part of your personality to surface? Those were some of the questions that were directly answered in The Grey. The adventure starts off quickly and the pace is brisk and attaches itself tightly onto your imagination. Yes, the wolves were super-natural aggressive, but after all we are talking about a movie, not a National Geographical series on predatory wolves. The acting was solid and as always Liam Nelson showed why he is such a good actor, by not only having the lead part, but acting it out as such. You believed that if you found yourself in such circumstances you would want him leading you too. The rest of the cast was stellar; the directing was also up to par.

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The Big Bang Theory is not only funny, its lol, funny., 20 February 2012

The Big Bang Theory is not only funny, its lol, funny. This is one of the few TV comedies that will actually have you laughing intensely at some of the ridiculously plot concepts. This comedy has something for everyone. A little comic and Sci-Fi for those who indulge, also a bit of technically advanced biology and particle acceleration talk. Now, usually those format topics do not co-mingle well. However The Big Bang Theory, the cast, and witty writers make it fun, and even hip, to want to be a nerd. This show does everything well from the actually gear that the cast wears to the props: think the comic shop, to finally the back and forth banter. This is a must see for those who enjoy a smart comedy, there is no stupid humor here.

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Monster in Paris is story telling that children and adults will truly enjoy, 20 February 2012

A Monster in Paris is a unique uplifting kid's movie. My niece and nephew loved it. It seems the female lead character dressed as an angel is funny and beautiful, my nieces words. Now my nephew on the other hand was more interested in the monster in the film. This is one of those films that you can watch with your young ones and still be amused yourself. The melody's that we were treated to, were both exceptional and catchy. At one point my niece commented that she loved the way the little angel lady was singing. Now, she wants to be an angel/ballerina who sings. Very good movie, which had a strong underlying message to young ones a must see with the kiddies.

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