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Perfect for Redbox, 8 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There are a few reasons to get excited for this movie. Jason Bateman is a great comedic talent. Melissa McCaurtney is the hottest comedic actress out right now. Seth Gordon is fresh off Horrible Bosses. Get rid of all expectations you have about what you think this movie is. If you're expecting Horrible Bosses, you're going to extremely disappointed. But the good news is this is not a bad movie by any stretch, and can be enjoyable.

This movie is pretty much your standard road trip movie. There's something different and I won't say it's smarter then most, but it definitely pulls back on the road movie tropes as the movie goes on. We all know the story " Good Guy meets Annoying Character. Good Guy reluctantly Befriends Annoying Character. Annoying Character wins over good guy. Good Guy regrets poor treatment of Annoying Character. They become best friends". Due Date, Dinner For Schmucks, etc. We've seen this story. The problem is that most of the time the character is played by the comedian of the time, (Steve Carell, Zack Galifonakis) who has no dimension and is a total buffoon and has no redeeming qualities.

What I appreciate Identity Thief for is having it's leads have plenty of dimension and lots of chemistry. McCarthy really creates a character that is sympathetic and really well rounded. It makes sense that someone would become friends with her. This would've been better as an independent dramedy, but since it's being marketed as a broad comedy, in that aspects the jokes are few. They're pretty funny there's just not a whole lot of them. Which works for me because most comedies can't craft good characters or funny scenes, this accomplishes both.

The movie had a certain charm, it's definitely not a run out and see or a surprise, but it's perfect for a red box or to see it on TV.

"Girls" (2012)
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Boys can also enjoy, 2 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Another winner from HBO. Girls is basically a coming of age story about 4 hipsters, that live in New York. Judd Apatow is producing and you can feel his touches come through hysterically. But the real star is Lena Dunham.

I have an admiration for people who write and direct their own movies. Even more so acting in them. Generally speaking it doesn't work as much, see RZA in Man with Iron Fists or Tarantino in ANYTHING except Pulp Fiction. But certain people pull it off, Ben Afflack, George Clooney, Clint Eastwood, surprisingly Ben Stiller apparently . We can add Lena to those list of talents, except Mr. Focker of course, and she is someone to watch. It seems like Writing and Acting helps you inhabit you're show better and give a more natural performance Hopefully she can mature and make some non hipstery movies. For anyone who doesn't know who a hipster is it's someone you see who shops at a thrift store.

Girls is Sex and The City but much smarter and subtler. The acting is fantastic, writing is hilarious and so revealing at points and all the characters are realistic. The themes are really mature, so really this show is not for Girls, it's for grown Women. Anybody looking for a funny good little show this is it.

If I had a problem it's that unless you watch the whole season in one sitting, the sometime aimlessness of the episodes will leave you feeling unsatisfied. I highly recommend watching this with some pop corn in one day so you don't feel jipped for tuning in. Also , there's is almost a distracting amount of sex. They are Girls, but it could be trimmed down apparently you can't get green lit at HBO without having 3 sex scenes an episode, and I'm not exaggerating.

Overall this show is good for everyone. The smart people will understand the snappy duologue and off the wall humor, and your average viewer can appreciate the light drama that comes with.

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Lives up to the potential, Feels like an HBO Production, 1 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I heard Netflix was doing a show directed by David Fincher, my personal favorite director, I was excited. The story sounded a little broad, but still I was pumped. I'm here to say it's as good as I could've imagined.

This is a great show. Watched the whole season in one day, which is how I believe TV should be viewed. I've noticed TV has been getting better and has surpassed movies for sheer entertainment. The best TV shows, Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, BoardWalk Empire, have Movie qualities and tell amazing stories. Welp, we have another winner. The acting is on point, especially Kevin Spacey. He's almost type cast and there's no real stretching he's played this character like 5 times, there's even a Horrible Bosses reference if you can believe it, but he's great. The supporting actors are also good. A lot of times what can ruin a good show is too many sub plots, but it's all very focused and deliberate. Also, this is an adaption of a BBC Series and it has some hints of it, with Spacey breaking the fourth wall and text messages appearing in real time. Gives it a specific vibe very smart.

This is clearly Fincher's answer to Boardwalk Empire. Scorsese is the guy for Period Piece Gangster films and Fincher's direction feels so comfortable here. Even the aesthetic is clearly Fincher's work recalling Zodiac, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Social Network. Beautifully shot and great pacing. For the average viewer who likes sophisticated TV Shows this is for them. For any Fincher Fanboys this is a must see and it's only 7.99 on Netflix.

***** SPOILERS & UPDATE**** After sitting on it and thinking about the show it still holds up, my only warning is that the start and end of the season are great and in the middle there's is a two episode transitional period which changes the pacing, but it quickly picks up and delivers and seeing as you could just watch them all in one day, it's hardly worth mentioning.

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The Only Best Picture Nomination that actually earns it., 1 February 2013

Nothing makes me happier then to see an actor people just think are comedians or just okay and then they turn out to be great actors. 2012 is the year for proving you're acting chops, with Jack Black in Bernie, Matthew MacCoughney in Killer Joe, And supporting role in Magic Mike and Sean William Scott in Goon. Although these performances where largely ignored and do deserve Oscars, Bradley Cooper also knocked it out of the park as a bipolar man who wants to put his life back together after a major breakdown. I always told people he'd get an Oscar one day after I saw Limitless.

I'm not going to go into the story, because really that's a second hand and it's really a character piece and also a study on mental illness. That being said every single performance in here is great. Even Chris Tucker, someone who I thought had absolutely no range, really knocks it out of the park. Bradley Cooper really transforms himself into a beaten down, but really genuine person. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing as well turning in a more emotional and raw performance but still just as good. This is an actor's movie and everybody showed up to do work.

I have ultimately nothing really negative to say about this movie. Normally these "Oscar" movies have really bad pacing, too long, and you can feel the ego coming from behind the camera. Nope David O Russell Clearly just wants to tell a good story. Normally I like darker movies, like Black Swan, so anybody thinking this is a sappy, sweet movie you're absolutely wrong. This is an incredibly sincere movie. I teared up I laughed and I liked all the characters. Definitely a surprise for me and hopefully, but let's be realistic, at the very least this will walk away with at least two Oscars, not that it matters because this is still a great movie.

Skyfall (2012)
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Good movie, classic Bond maybe, 31 January 2013

I've never been a big fan of certain franchises that people love. Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, and James Bond come to mind. While I respect and give praise to all 3 I just don't quite understand the love. Probably because I've never seen most of them and when i do the hype makes my expectations too high. Ironically I've seen every single Daniel Craig Bond movie and my enjoyment is also mixed. While Casino Royale is a fantastic movie, it left me cold. It's me not you principal. This is along the lines of Casino Royale and while it's always tempting to compare the two, i'd say they're at the same level. Skyfall is bigger and more personal, Casino Royale is tighter and more specific. That being said Skyfall also left me cold. I can't help but think that if i had went in with no expectations i would've loved it more. But once again that's my fault not the movies.

The good. WOW. this is what I want to see in a james bond movie. Developed Characters, amazing action, great acting, solid script, two interesting bond girls, etc. Every praise this movie gets is earned in spades. The stuff I loved was the aesthetic. This is the most beautiful movie I've ever seen. Jaw Dropping this is definitely something on blu ray. Also this is a very smart movie. For people who just want action it's there and for people who want drama there you have it. Also Daniel Craig, who always delivers as bond, knocks it out of the park. 2012 was definitely the year for action movies this Django, Avengers, and TDKR all having incredible set pieces.

The negative, and once again this will not have an effect on my overall opinion this is just me, Too long. I had the same problem with Casino so i don't know if it's me, but honestly I didn't notice the running time until this movie. The pacing is good in the first half but as the movie goes on there is a little drag going on. I didn't mention Javier Bardem in my positives. This year is also the year for underusing or undermining Best Supporting Actor performances in the third act of the movie. This , Prometheus, Django, Seven Psychopaths, The Dark Knight Rises, all great performances that totally don't get utilized. He's a revelation. He's incredible it's ridicicolous how amazing his intro into this movie is. But as it goes on he becomes less interesting. They even have his face covered up so he doesn't get to emote that well. Still an amazing performance I hope they keep going with this direction of villains.

Great movie, not in the slightest overrated and will definitely get better with repeat viewings. The flaws are there if you look for them , but other then those people, and idiots like myself, everybody else will fall in love with this movie

After re-watching the movie , most of the flaws I saw where fixed and it completely lives up to the hype, except for the ending which is still a tad anti-climatic , and some plot strands unanswered, but still great movie I do have to say this is the best Daniel Craig bond movie.

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Cliché on Cliché, 12 January 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love Ryan Gosling. I love Zombieland. I think Micheal Pena is one of the most underrated actors working right now. I don't know what happened. No Wait Yeah I do this is one of the laziest most sterile scripts that I've witnessed in recent memory. This feels like a studio executive went up to a script generator and typed in "Undercover cop movie" and it printed out the Expendables but with cops . Then he read it and put in " Undercover Cover Cop movie set in classic Hollywood".

To get the positives out of the way, the movie has a great aesthetic. It's beautiful, colors pop out nice and saturated. The actors here are all solid. Nobody is really embarrassing themselves, aside from being in this movie, from their performances and some of them even manage to deliver some pretty cheesy lines really well. The pacing here is pretty good almost too fast, but i'll come back to that. The action is nothing to speak of it's just there. The Direction leaves a lot to be desired, unlike the atmospheric classic hollywoods movies this rips off which have a slow focused camera work to them this is shot like any other action movie. Ruben Fleisher is definitely an actor's director he is able to get decent to good performances from actors, and I don't want to right him off just yet.

The Ugly. This movie is so generic. Even worse it's predictable. I've noticed a slew of genre movies recently that take a traditional typical story and it's clichés and turn them into tropes and strive to make them better. Lincoln Lawyer, 21 Jump Street, End Of Watch, take traditional story and plot points and make them better and inventive . This movie relishes in it's clichés, but not enough to make fun of them. The first thing the villain does it kills somebody. No nuance or tension he just kills somebody. The next scene is the cop whose too dedicated to his job making an arrest he shouldn't as his partner advices him not to. The scene after that he goes into the chiefs office. Had it been more over the top, I was laughing hysterically at some parts not intended of course, I could've enjoyed it more, but it's not smart at all. It even could've been like Sherlock Holmes 2009 or Pirates, but no it's fine being a standard action movie.

The Bad. This movie is written by Will Beall who is currently writing the Justice League movie that is set to come out in 2 years. Yeah, after the reviews for this movie come out and the box office take Justice League will find a new writer. I have nothing but contempt for this guy. This script has no meat it has stock characters with great actors. Once again if this was Edgar Wright or Joss Wheedon they'd get some dimension or have a lot of heart or be really funny, but no. The team consists of The Overdedicated cop, The guy who never misses, The guy who uses a knife, The tech guy, and the Newbie. There either needs to be Character development with a mediocre story, or Story Development with stock characters. This has neither. In every scene you get force feed exposition. If Tyler Perry directed an action movie it'd be like this. No subtly.

****SPOILERS*** There was a line so corny I didn't realize how bad it was Until I left the theatre. Sean Penn is the bad guy, whose scene can't end without someone being killed or yelled at, and he says to his henchmen who execute some one " You know the drill". Then they pickup a drill and kill him with it.. I couldn't make that up **** SPOILERS OVERE

This movie is a bologna sandwich. It's the yellow starburst of movies. Although It is more enjoyable then the Expendables, I couldn't tell you why it's the same idea big cast no effort, This movie is something you watch at a friends house. This is the perfect movie for one night at Redbox. All the people who don't watch 2 movies a day will enjoy it and think it's a good movie. All the smart people can have some friends over with some beers and laugh and make jokes about it and play " Name what movie that scene was stolen from". Basically an alternative go watch Mad Men or L.A. Confidential or go play L.A. Noire much more rewarding.

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Uhhhhhhhhhh, 25 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a sloppy movie. Maybe the sloppiest I've seen all year. It beat out TDKR and Alien: The Beginning. Let me start by saying I think Tarantino is a very talented director. It doesn't always show in his movies, but he's very good. I'm tired of his movies that are always too long, and uneven. While this movie is long I didn't feel it and I didn't get that sense of him just having characters talk just to talk so he can hear the dialogue he wrote for himself. Basically QT is a kid who uses actors to reenact his favorite scenes from other movies he loves. I do believe he redeemed himself a little , because I was getting sick of him and his indulgences. I think he gets too much credit for doing stuff other actors get hanged, poor choice of words, for. I think Edgar Wright is a much better director and will soon pass him and hopefully get more credit. Now that said I'm going to try my hardest to make more sense then this movies tone.

First off let me start off with the bad. This movie is all over the place. I though Inglorious Basterds was crazy , but this takes the cake. I actually have to give that movie more credit, because it felt like it was working towards something and everything fit in a crazy sort of way. You're going to here this a lot. This movie has 3 different parts and everyone who reviews will say what I'm saying verbatim. The First hour is a buddy cop western, The second hour is a tension filled game of deception, the last hour is the action. The problem is that the transition is not smooth at all, there's no balance or real order and you will know what I'm talking about if you go see it. Think back to Kill Bill and how different the two volumes where. Now Imagine if it was in one movie. The pacing is slow, but for Tarantino it's a step in the right direction. Really the movie can't make up it's mind and it damages the film a significant degree. From the trailer I thought Jamie would be one note, but he turns in a solid performance. Kerry Washington has the worst performance I've seen in a Tarantino film. She is so underused and has absolutely no character. No wait. There was a worse performance. Tarantino has a cameo and it has to be the worst performance of a director in his own movie I've ever seen. He should be ashamed of himself.

Next I'm going to touch on the issue of race and the use of the n-word. I'm black and I'm pretty lenient on the n word. I say it my friends say it, some of my white friends say it. I don't care it's just a word. If this was any other director I wouldn't have minded, but it's by a guy who constantly pushes the boundaries of good taste and not in a good way. I understand that it is in a time where the word was probably used a lot, but the way the movies uses it is a little gratuitous at times. I feel like Tarantino tried to fit it in when he could as opposed to using it occasional to shock people. Next is Samuel Jackson's character is extremely coonish . Once again it's hard to fully criticize, because he's playing a cliché house negro, but even then he's such a cartoon it's hard to accept. Basically like most Tarantino's recent films, it's all about if you love Tarantino or are tired of him. Me being Tired surprisingly was mildly annoyed, but as his performance went on he was given some depth. I'd be okay with all this if this was a serious movie about slavery with Western elements. But really it's a goofy western with moments of seriousness that doesn't fit. Tarantino wants to deal with slavery, but it's so cartoonish when he does the only message you can take away was "Slavery was bad" Good Job Quentin definitely a revelation.

Now the good. Wow the action in this movie blew me away. It's incredible and it makes me wish there was more of it. The Gore was refreshing from movies where it looked to bright or was CGI. This was all practical and it gave the action scenes a real sense of beauty and coordination. There's no doubt someone got shot because they'll be a huge splash of blood that highlights the trail of the bullets. Next performances all pretty much top notch . Leo is amazing , Sammy is good, Waltz is good. I love westerns and this one is a good one.

Unfortunately I have to give this movie a 7 or a Matinée. It felt like Tarantino was sleep walking through this one. Too much light comedy where it doesn't belong and too much deep ugliness that doesn't fit. I did feel more positive then negative even though the movie needed more scenes of tension and action. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and I even debated sneaking back in the theatre to watch it again. Any 2 plus hour movie that makes me want to not only sit without breaks, and rewatch right after is either called Fight Club or GoodFellas. Definitely a must see, but not one that you need to rush out and see.

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Somebody give Micheal Pena an Oscar, 17 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm a huge fan of Cop movies. This is directed and written by the same guy who did Training Day. Arguably one of the best cop movies ever made with his script that delivered great characters. I've got to say End of Watch is just as visceral and even slightly more balanced.

To get the bad out of the way, there is an excessive amount of cursing. Even by normal filthy mouthed movies this is pretty high up there. It starts to become a little much and even as me somebody who curses every third statement it was a little gratuitous. The other problem is that , much like with Training Day, the non cop villains are stereotypes. The cops are given amazing dialogue while all the bad guys are given lines that come from a much lesser typical cop movie. It would've been an even better experience if Ayer could find some way to give them some depth or some funny lines to say. The direction is pretty much great except for the whole found footage that mainly stays true to itself, but a few close ups and scenery shots had me scratching my head, but they're far and few between. My only other problem is that the movie doesn't seem to have a very tight story. Which i'll address later, but other then those pretty slight gripes nothing else to mention.

The good. I have constantly stated that Micheal Pena is one of, if not THE most underrated and versatile actors of this generation. For someone who could easily be casted as the Spanish guy, he always brings a new charisma to a role. He has great comedic timing which allows him to coast the line from comedy to drama. And I haven't seen him have a bad performance yet. The acting is all outstanding across the board for the main cast. The script is great with many quotable lines that will stick with you for a while. This is Micheal Pena's movie and it's a shame he probably won't get enough recognition for this role or probably ever.

Aside from the great script Ayer really milks the found footage and minds it and owns it. This is Chronicle for the superhero movie. The editing is tight and it makes what could've been a slightly boring movie move a lot faster. When I came in I thought this would be an action thriller with a lot of set-pieces and shootouts. There are some shootouts and it could've used one bad ass Bad Boys 2 car chase, but then I realized that's not what this movie is about. It's a character study about these two guys who have s.o much chemistry it feels like you're in the back of the squad car laughing with them. This is a serious look at the life of a police officer. If I had to compare it to anything it'd be Lincoln Lawyer. It has classic themes of cop movies, but transcends them with great dialogue pure emotion and really not indulging in it too much. For anybody whose been in a real bro-mance it makes perfect sense.

This is a real movie. It's a drama not an action movie. And as a drama it's very rewarding and I'll remember these characters for a while. Everything everybody says about it is true. It really is one of the best movies of the year, which isn't saying much. If you don't like this then stop watching movies all together.

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Wow, 10 December 2012

Finally the Marvel Franchise reveals it's coup de grace and it's everything that we hoped for. Before I totally kiss this movie's butt for a while I'm going to delve into the negatives first.

Just a warning the first 25 minutes are a little slow, which is to be expected when telling such a large story. Lord of the Rings needed a whole movie to build up to the adventure to put it into context. Some of Loki's dialogue is a little hard to understand at times because of the Norse language dialect, but that's easily fixed with second viewings. Other than that and some nitpicks the movie delivers.

This is the movie we all made playing with our toys as a kid. Wheedon has done a fantastic job and I really don't think this movie could've worked as well without him. All the characters fit in this movie. I never thought a conversation between Loki and Nick Fury would work on screen but it does. Every character gets to shine in this movie. At time it's a Black Widow movie, then an Ironman movie, then a Thor movie, then a Captain America movie it all just fits perfectly. This movie has the best editing I've seen all year and some of the best acting to go with it. This movie is a culmination of several geek movies in one. It's got the ear turning and self reflection of Scott Pilgrim with the ensemble aspect of Star Trek (2009) with great dialogue.

I'm going to say character a lot because that's the focus. The story is a little weak because it comes second to the characters. I've always described superhero movies are character pieces with big budgets. A lot of people complained that it's a comedy or that it's just a loud mindless movie with explosions like Transformers. Since when does having great humor make something a comedy? All the humor is in the witty dialogue and a few physical gags which are hilarious and also unique to the characters. And Wheedon adds lots of little subtle setups to the ending to make the movie more cohesive and smarter than it is. It's not a bad story it's just a simple character driven one. The only superhero movie I know that has more emphasis on story is The Dark Knight, but this blows that out of the water. 6 heroes are better than one. That's why Lord of The Rings, Star Trek, and Toy Story are so great. The Team or The Ensemble.

There are so many ways this movie could've been ruined. Maybe they got the writing right, and the action is choreographed well but is filmed with shaky cam or is incoherent. All the action scenes in this movie are great and easy on the eyes and even have lots of character in them. The best scene in this movie is when the avengers are all arguing in a room. And the acting is the greatest. I still have a hard time wrestling with who was my favorite actor in this. This movie is so much fun and if you don't like it it's probably because you didn't want to so anybody with an open mind should love this 10 out of 10

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What Happened?, 10 December 2012

I consider myself a huge fan of comic book movies. They're basically character studies with huge budgets and great special effects. I have to admit I'm not the hugest fan of Nolan's trilogy. For a movie that's supposed to be so serious and realistic the movies stop to have really dumb unrealistic moments for the sake of being "epic". Not to mention whenever Nolan writes dialogue for the mystique or mythos of Batman it's ALWAYS corny. He writes such great dialogue for his villains but anytime he tries to write for Batman or people talking about the idea of Batman it gets super cheesy *SPOILERS*****. The result we have here is basically Nolan sleepwalking through the movie with poor dialogue, plot inconsistencies, character motivations that aren't clear, poor fight choreography, and probably the worst ending I've ever seen in a superhero movie or a Nolan film in general.

To get the good out of the way.... Ummm I honestly have nothing good to say about this movie. All the pieces are here to make a great movie. I can see why people love this movie, because it's basically a copy of The Dark Knight. Everything good gets undercut by the end of the movie. Tom Hardy as Bane turns in a great menacing performance that is worthy being held up to next to the Joker. He almost saves the film just like Heath Ledger did with the first sequel except towards the end of the movie he is totally underused and undercut. But all of his scenes where good or at least set up well. There's also two cameos that where great and really pumped me up for the rest of the movie that I won't spoil. I could say the movies greatest strength and crutch is that it ties so well into the first movie, but that also slows the movie down and makes it trip over it's own feet several times. The Score is solid if a little repetitive and the movie looks great at points.

Now to the bad. This movie is so slow. I'm not going to say boring because that's subjective, but even people who loved the movie can attest to the fact that this movie's pacing is a big problem. What's more is the story pacing which takes it's time inching along until the final act which just breezes by important details leaving anyone besides the core fan base cold and unsatisfied. The editing is horrific and I don't know if I can blame the editor or Nolan's top heavy script which just like the last movie brings in the overly complicated story. The problem with such a convoluted narrative is that in order to get people to know what's going on the audience gets their hand held through scenes as actors have to constantly repeat what we're supposed to take away from the scene, which makes the movie predictable. I knew the ending to every single scene either from knowing the way it mirrored a scene earlier in the trilogy or just the way it's telegraphed. The acting isn't very good either aside from Bane who ironically gets more expressiveness out of his face when it's mostly covered up. All these actors are normally great but they're literally given only one expression. All the characters are one note throughout the whole movie there is no real character progression. The ending is stupid in so many ways i won't get into and this is just an unpleasant experience for anyone who isn't already loving the movie walking in.

Now to hit some personal points I think Nolan is a good director who gets a lot of credit for using a very specific bag of tricks and makes crowd pleaser's that function as thought provoking movies. Much like Tarantino once you see the formula a lot of the magic is gone. Nolan is no David Fincher or Sam Mendes. He doesn't have the teeth to end a movie in a dark way everything always works out in the end and it's frustrating. *****SPOILERS***** The last act is probably more boring because there's no sense of tension. I knew from the beginning no main characters where going to die because Nolan is so soft. If I had to give the last harry potter movies credit they killed off a lot of the main cast so there was a genuine sense of not knowing whose going to make it. Another problem is that this is the most indulgent movie I've seen this year. There is no reason this movie needed to be so long. It pretends to be some great thoughtful movie, but it's not. There are so many themes in this movie that are too obvious or don't come into play into the movies ending. Not to mention the themes in this movie heavily contradict the ones in the previous movies. This is a really dumb movie pretending to be a smart thoughtful one. There are so many moments that are exaggerated to a ridiculous level to be "epic" that made me roll my eyes, this is on a Spiderman 3 level of trilogy ending.

I'm giving this 4 stars because the average movie audience isn't going to care about story structure and not look as deep into it as some cinephiles may. It's a very polarizing movie, but it's really insulting at times and the more I think about it the more I dislike it. I'm really worried that superman might be 3 hours long now.

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