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"Homeland" (2011)
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Not so real and insulting too, 20 December 2011

This show is such a load of liberal c-r-a-p. The whole premise is so lame and so full of idiotic mistakes and misrepresentations that it is laughable. The concept that America is the guilty party is an insult to our nation and our service men and women. There should not be a second season. Disgusting and I will make d-a-m-n sure everybody hears about it too. Get a grip you liberal losers and stop with this support for this s-h-i-t show. When a show implies that the actions of our military leaders and the elected management of our country acts in a way that would or could be misconstrued to be immoral and wrong then this show steps on territory that needs much greater explanation than a simple thriller for mass consumption. We are the nation that was attacked and not the other way around. We responded and we responded with actions that were planned and agreed upon by the majority of the citizens and most of the elected people. That is the truth and any assertion that we are the evil empire is just plain traitorous and wrong. Get a grip!