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First off, if you haven't read the literary genius that is The Fault in Our Stars, turn off your computer and read it right now. It's ageless and will be a classic, mark my words. For those fellow nerdfighters already, here is my best shot at casting for the upcoming movie. I cannot, for the life of me, find teenage boys remotely cool enough for Augustus and Isaac. Well, acutally I'd like a young Joseph Gordon Levitt for both, but that can't happen. Comment please!
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similar looks /vibe and all crazy talented: I would cast these folks as siblings! And then the brothers could date the sisters maybe? The couples: Nicholas and Blake are sophisticated, Logan and AnnaSophia are edgy, Asa and Elle are adorably quirky.
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If they were to make a movie chronicling these Olympic gymnasts gold. I based the casting on looks, stature, gymnastics/dance background. Of course, a movie may be a long way off but it was fun trying to cast!