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Believe it or not ... but these film legends have never won a competitive Oscar.
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... and 3 movies from each one to explain why I think they belong on that list. It is very difficult to define what makes a director 'influential' ... and as always, highly subjective Here are some criteria that should apply if you want to be considered an influence:
- Any actor would kill to be in one of your movies.
- Moviegoers refer to your latest release as 'the new ... (fill in last name of the director)'
- You can immediately tell who directed the movie.
- Number of references in movie literature.
- Other great directors name this colleague an inspiration.
- Awards
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When you ask a cineast for his choice of favorite movies, you will always hear something like 2001 - A Space Odyssey, The English Patient or maybe something from Woody Allen. All good stuff ... but I am sure that if we were asked to name a couple of movies we were allowed to bring to an island (or on a long trip into outer space), we would pick our personal favorites. Those are the movies you can see over and over again. The main characters become part of your family. You can quote most of the scenes etc.. Chances are, the critics did not like those movies and they hardly won any awards. Here is my own personal choice ... and my awards go to: