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Started 26th of March 2012
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My watchlist is too great, and too keep track of the movies I'm really keen on watching at all times, I needed to make use of a new watchlist.
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If you're short on time and looking for a quickie this is the list for you.

Also added some movies that I haven't watched that didn't have necessarily the best rating, but I thought looked interesting anyway

Suggestions are always welcome...
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If you're not into this, some of these movie will probably leave you disgusted. Furthermore, the goodness of the movie doesn't matter on this list. Actually alot of them are pretty awful but nevertheless, entertaining to those who enjoy blood-spilling, bone-breaking and miscellaneous dismemberments and of course some not entertaining to anyone.

Suggestions are always welcome...
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Movies, with a certain something extra. Just a bunch of movies, that i've seen, that i consider to be really really worth watching for anyone who's interested in movies.
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A list of movies that enjoyed more than i thought i would, and that I think have that little extra.

In other words these are movies that i don't have the potential to be any better than they already are, relative to the genre fo the movie.
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You get something extra, when it's extra long, don't you? So wether you just want to stay in a friday night and watch a quality movie or just have alot of time to kill, this is the list for you. With all these movies lasting at least 180 minutes +- 5 minutes. These movies will take you a considerable amount of time to watch, but in the end you'll be glad you took your time and decided to watch them.
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All the movies reviewed by Horrible Reviews in the Disturbing Movies series

Out of these (the ones I have watched as of yet) I personally recommed:
Seul Contre Tous (I Stand Alone)
Idi I Smotri (Come and See)
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son about His Father
A Clockwork Orange
Kynodontas (Dogtooth)
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Movies that I like to Recommend
Which means that I try avoid the most common and obvious suggestsions like; LOTR series, Batman Series, Shawshank Redemption, "semi-good" generic action and comedies etc.
There's of course gonna be some of the big classics here, but...
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Just a list of movies i know that are gonna be bad, seen from a crtical view. But still looks entertaining somehow. You might even say unmissable.
Suggestions are welcome
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By funny, i mean in that kind of "so-stupid-that-it's-funny-way"
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Jul med Per Fredrik
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40 movies and shorts I (and probably you as well) should watch before christmas
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The Source for this list is this article:

So a list of 85 movies that apparently influenced Martin Scorsese, one of my personal favorite directors, alot.

I'm also gonna add whatever was written about each movie in the original article
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I just get such a good feeling watching 80s movies. I have no idea why, I wasn't even around at the time. But still for some reason 80s movies appeal to me. So much, in fact, that i had to make a list, and this is it.
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My take on the coolest names of the entertainment business
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A list of the most succesful (rating/popularity) movies from all countries, listed alphabetically

I choose the movies i think fits the best, suggestions and objections are welcome

It has to be movies where the country in question, has made the movie without working with other countries or they have to be at least the country listed first as the main participant of the collaboration.
If not possible as movie where the country is just a part of the collaboration.
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All movies recommended in the comment sections will be added as well.
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Sad, Inspiring and Depressing.
These are the last words of the people we loved, hated and barely knew at all.
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Just a list of people that seem like they would be awesome in real life.
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Just some memorable qoutes that I like.

One per movie
Suggestions are welcome