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Just some ideas I'm throwing out there. Not in any specific order.
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I can't choose certain actors so I'll post my options for certain characters :)
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A few cast ideas for the main characters of the series.
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More coming. (No specific order!)
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2014-2015 Movies in no specific order.
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I've listed their ages and what movies or shows I liked them most in.
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A list of guest stars through out the years who have appeared on one of the 3 tv shows, Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, and Law & Order Criminal Intent.
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These are the characters that I like most from each of these shows. There will be a lot of main characters missing, mostly because I can't stand them. :P
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Shows I watch and love or am looking forward to seeing the most this season! Please leave out your rude comments. These are the best shows in MY OPINION. If you don't like what I add, make your own list and refrain from being an asshole please.
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My favorites in no specific order.
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A list of shows I love to watch right now. No particular order.