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Hidden little gem!, 2 September 2009

I have just discovered this anthology TV series. It's sort of like Masters of Horror (well it's an anthology series with different stories in each episode, but besides that they are not really that similar). I prefer this much more than I did Masters of Horror b/c it doesn't rely on gore to tell the story. Don't get me wrong I enjoy gore every now and then, but I felt MOH relied a little too much on it. Plus these stories are well thought out and I haven't found one yet that has been just flat out boring. I'm only half way through the first season and so far the stories that have stood out to me were The Swords, The Secret Shih-Tan, Bridal Suit, and the Sloan Men. A lot of these were short stories by really great British authors such as Graham Masterson and a few of the stories may of been from Canadian authors(not sure). Watching these even led me to look up some of the stories online and I found a great little book series of short stories called Hot Blood. I will say that I really enjoy reading Graham Masterson's short stories and I really wish they would of done episodes based on Changeling and Sex Object (although I guess that one would of been hard to duplicate onto the TV screen). I must say I love horror anthologies and this has truly been a hidden gem that I've discovered. Too bad that it didn't get much critical acclaim in the USA b/c I feel it could of been a huge hit with advertising. Possibly the next Twilight Zone or Outer Limits with a touch of horror and erotica. I love this and wish they'd make another horror/erotica anthology based off the Hot Blood series. There are some wonderful stories in those books. It's sad that we no longer have an anthology series airing on TV since they discontinued Fear Itself (which was okay, but it should never have been on regular TV programming it should of been on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax etc. that way it didn't have to be so dulled down). I just hope we don't have to wait too long until someone makes another anthology series, I don't even mind if it is more sci-fi like Twilight Zone or Outer Limits as long as we get a new one. I like having new twisted little stories every week, however I guess when I finish this series that I will have to rely on books to get my fix. Another thing I have learned is that the British have a lot to offer whether it be their novels/books/short stories or their TV shows. I had already fallen in love with The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and now I have discovered The Hunger and all these great authors. I just wish they'd bring more of this to the USA, I mean they get to see a lot more of our (the USA) media than we do theirs (British).

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I thought it was a great movie...Breath of fresh air in the horror genre!, 6 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before I had seen this movie, I had read the leaked script. The script was a tad different from the movie and personally I thought the rough draft script was better than the movie. There were small things they left out, that I think made the movie. In the script the killers were just as cruel and maniacal, but the script gave them a little more back story. While too much backstory is bad, the script allowed just enough to draw you in. In the script version the killers talk more giving you a realization of how crazy they are. However, there are parts of the script version that I think were left out for the better, for instance toward the end the killers take off their masks and we can see their faces. I think it was smartly played in the movie that they didn't show their faces. I like the fact that it ended with Liv Tyler character waking up gasping at the end giving her a small chance to live. Personally, I think they rushed the movie too much leaving out more of the script than the should have. The script took time to really tell a story. I think it would of been better for them to of made the movie a little longer and really told the story. I think a lot of the left out parts was them trying to leave it open for a sequel or maybe even a prequel. I really enjoyed this movie, it was a much needed break from all the horror remakes, whether it be American, Asian, or some other country, which have plagued Hollywood for the past 10 years give or take. This movie got back to basic horror at it's best, without relying so much on gore with no story, or a story & scenery with no gore, to get them by. I can't believe some people are giving this such poor reviews. In my opinion this is a fresh take on the home invasion front. The added love gone wrong, cultish killers in masks, and an actual story being told through out the movie. I hope this movie does well enough that they give us a sequel/prequel to help add a little backstory to the killers. Out of the whole cast, I found the killers the most interesting. I liked the main characters, but found myself only feeling sorry for James's character. He seemed like an awesome guy and she seemed to be in love with him, but she turned down his proposal. I think I needed more backstory on them to feel more empathy for them. I would of gave it 10 out of 10 had it not been for me reading the script first and then seeing the movie. I just can not figure out why they changed the movie ending and didn't stick with how it was wrote in the script. All in all, an excellent movie!

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Friday NIGHT LIGHTS, One of the best high school shows ever to grace TV screens., 25 February 2007

I have just discovered this show and let me just say I am so glad I did. I went back and caught up on all the episodes. This is, hands down, one of the best shows on television right now, and one of my top ten high school television shows of all time. I would have to say my favorite character is Tim Riggins. I first saw Taylor Kitsch,in The Covenant and was really impressed. He has a quite sort of manner about him and can speak volumes with his facial expressions. Of course, his stellar good looks and bad boy persona help add to the reasons I like him so. I also believe that Scott Porter is doing a phenomenal job. To be quite honest, I love all the cast and I hope the show lasts a long time.

Devour (2005) (V)
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Really Good B Movie..I expected this to be awful, but was surprised when it wasn't..., 26 June 2006

This movie is very similar to movies such as Cry Wolf, The Ring 1 and 2, and Stay Alive. In all these movies a character does something (like visit a website, watch a video, play a video game, or start a rumor) which starts into motion a chain of events (usually unleashing something evil) that result in a blood bath. While this is probably considered a B movie, I thought it was a fairly good B movie. It sure wasn't the best horror movie I've ever saw, but it did entertain me. I thought Jensen Ackles (Jake) and Dominique Swain (Dakota) did an excellent job portraying and acting their parts... Shannyn Sossamon (Marisol)was just mediocre in her acting skills. I found her acting kind of bland and boring.

The movie itself started off really well. It was set up well, but then the further along it got the worse it got. If a different person were playing Marisol, if they'd kept the beginning and the basis of things being connected to the website, but found a way to make various parts and the ending more realistic and added a bigger budget to pull all of that off, then this had the potential to of been a great movie. However, they did not and this is what we are stuck with. Which is, a really good, but not great B movie...

All and all this movie is not a complete waste of time. I think it was highly entertaining, but like someone else said it is no masterpiece. If you start the movie with unrealistic expectations you will be disappointed. It is best to have no expectations at all and decide for yourself. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes horror movies or thrillers, but if you don't then it's not for you.

"Reunion" (2005)
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Best new show this year....5 out of 5 stars, 8 December 2005

I love this show...It is just as good as the OC, which is another one of my favorite shows...It is original, in the fact that there is not another show that has ever been made like it. The way it goes back in time from past to present based on the years, I just can't get enough...The hot young cast are remarkable. It's a shame that the ratings for the show have dropped since the first episode, because this show is so great. I just hope it is a very long running show. Fox has a tendency of canceling shows when they are just getting off the ground (examples are The North Shore and Point Pleasant which were both really good shows).. I just hope they give this show the benefit of the doubt...

Red Eye (2005)
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Red Eye is wonderful...., 29 August 2005

All I can say is Good job Wes Craven! After a slew of disappointments he finally seems to be back on track with Red Eye. This is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen and that's saying a lot. I thought Rachel McAdams was sensational in her role. Cillian Murphy was awesome, he scared me to death. This movie had me on the edge of my seat till the very end. It had a strong plot line and well thought out characters. I was very skeptical of it, when I saw previews, but I must admit I was blown away. It is in my top ten list now. I just hope Wes Craven's next movie is as good as this, if it is before long he will be the King of Suspense, not just the King of Horror. I would recommend this movie to everyone....

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Beach Girls A Surprise Hit in My Book, 28 August 2005

I loved Beach Girls! At first I was critical, because Stevie Moore (Julia Ormond) looked older than Rob Lowe's character and they were supposed to be the same age and Nell's character is a little drab looking. However, when I got into it a little bit, it was really good. It had well thought out characters and a strong steady plot line. I haven't read the book, but if it is as good as the movie, I think I might. I am a big Rob Lowe fan but, the only thing I was disappointed in was Jack, Rob Lowe's character. He came across as a jerk, I hoped that it would get better as it went along, but he always came across that way. I was truly impressed with the actresses that played Clare, Skye, and Nell. Stevie ended up being a good character as well. I would recommend Beach Girls to anyone....I would also like to see more of these books made into mini series things...