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The Empire Strikes Back of animated movies, 2 June 2014


How to Train your Dragon 2 is a shining example of what both family movies and animated films are capable of. This is not the same story rehashed over again. From the characters, to the drama, to the action, to the comedy, this film does what any sequel should do by stepping up its predecessor in every way possible, and respects its audience enough not to shy away from its darker and more dramatic content, but still remain viewable and entertaining for all audiences. We are talking about a PG rated Dreamworks film after all.

From the moment the music began playing during the beginning to when the end credits began roiling, I was completely immersed in this phenomenal movie that is more than worthy to stand along side the likes of any great live-action fantasy film or the past decade. Possibly one the the best animated movies I have ever seen, this is the Empire Strikes Back of animated films.

9/10 (Very possibly will increase to 10/10 upon my second viewing.)

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Amazing Game, 6 January 2012

This is certainly the largest and greatest Star Wars game to date. SWTOR has taken the gameplay system of World of Warcraft, and made it faster paced, given more of a heroic feel, and amped up everything that was good about it. While not some of the best graphics at all time due to some rendering bugs and lags, the graphics are still very well done. It has some of the best story telling in not only MMO's but in RPG's as well. The maps are larger than anything I have ever seen in a video game, and that's saying a lot. There are hundreds to thousands of hours of playable content at launch alone, with little to no server issues. Take World of Warcraft, add Mass Effect, The Original Star Wars Trilogy, And multiply the size of that by 1000, you have you game.