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Hard to understand
16 December 2011
The film "The Battle of Algiers" was just hard to understand. It was hard to stay awake to watch this I did not find it interesting at all.I think the Laugauge was a big part of it, I do not like reading subtitle when I watch a film, I feel like I am reading a book and i am not watching a film. I spend the whole timing reading the film then watching it so I could focus on what was going on in the film. I'm not the biggest history film guy, so if you do not like reading subtitles and you do not like history this film is not for you. I would recommend this film to someone who speaks the language which is French because it seemed like a interesting topic which was not taking any crap from anyone.
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The Young and the Damn
16 December 2011
"Los Olvidados" is a film about poverty and juvenile crime in the poor parts Mexico City. This film shows how young boys and how there lives are lived when you live in Poverty and how hard it is to survive on a day to day bases in a rough part of a city. the film shows how all boys are different when you do not have the best situation in life. Some boy's have to steal Some boy's have to work at a young age. some boy's have to kill to get what they want.When you are living poor, work comes first then education, but with out education you are killing yourself for the long run. Nothing is easy in life! If you ain't trying to survive then you ain't trying to live.
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A Better Life (2011)
Great Film
16 December 2011
the film "A Better Life" is one of the best films I seen this year and one of the favorites of all time. The film "A Better Life" is such a touching film and it will touch you if you have had a hard time just make it day to day in life. This film is about people who work hard everyday and at the end of the day they can never get ahead.This film will teach others who take their life's for granted, not to take their life's for grant because there are people in this world that want the simple things in life like parents that just want to spend time with their kids and they cannot because they have to work or do other thing.The film "A Better Life is about the people and for the people. I highly recommend this movie to others.
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16 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Once Were Warriors" was a pretty good film. its starts out with a cool laid back family, but then then the family just gets ripped apart. Very violent film in my opinion, it kind of reminds me of a graphic comic book for adults. the film deals with real crazy issues with a family and takes it to a whole another level. The movie reminds me of "the Warriors" just on there style and it's different approach to making a movie. The music that is being played in the film has a type of reggae rock type feel. It goes perfect with this film because reggae has that laid back feel when you are listing to it and the rock music gives the movie some energy and some power.
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