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Glass, 25 February 2007

The next time i see a film with a music of Philip Glass, i'll just stay at home. That man destroys everything. The film was not really subtle but with the addition of the music it went catastrophic. Otherwise, the actresses are doing their best but i was most impressed by Bill Nighy. As for the rest, i was already annoyed after twenty minutes. It is not so clear in the book that Barbara is a lesbian, here, if you don't get it, you're dead blind and deaf. It so makes the whole story blunt and uninteresting. But i guess you have to try to sell tickets. I hope Zoe Heller got a big check. On the other hand it is always pleasant to have a view of London, and of the state that country is in.

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losing my time, 15 May 2005

i went to see that film last night. After so many friends telling me they so cried, that the directing was classy and fantastic. And i went, because i still think Clint Eastwood is an important and good man of American cinema, even though i think that Hilary Swank is one of the most overrated actress but... I went. And i was bored from minute one. What with that "wisdom" we are supposed to listen to all the way through (Even though Morgan Freeman's voice is always a pleasure to listen to). What with the overacting of the leading woman. I didn't care at all about that soapy, television film story. I didn't care about that side story about the daughter. But i stayed. And i was a bit moved at the end. But then, i should stop to listen to my friends.

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great time of french television, 9 May 2005

well, what can i say when i grew up with this mini TV series. It made my days when i was 9 or ten, discovering music and films at the same time. pretending i was Hortense Schneider for days. I don't know though if it would still be that nice to watch. But it sure was a really good moment of french television. Ah Michel Serrault! Ah Catherine Samie! All those sub stories behind creation. How things were made in the theater. How actresses were silly and pretentious! And Michel Serrault's German accent! I still laugh out loud just thinking about it. As far as i remember those were days of good, interesting french mini TV series (La Porteuse De Pain, Nana to name a few). Where are we now ? Oh yes: Julie Lescaut!