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More guts than Paranormal Activity !, 18 March 2010

I do not know if it's the fact that the movie takes place in Japan, and that Japanese filmmakers have already frightened the whole planet with The Ring franchise or The Grudge franchise, or if it's the fact that this country seem completely haunted, but even some critics will say that this film is a rip-off of Paranormal Activity, this "Effect" provokes much more shivers than the American version. I really miss Japanese horror films, I want to see more, and I want to see more from his two directors who while staying in a certain tradition, and while using a realistic approach, manage here to renew Japanase ghost's movie (here, no oily hair, just goose-flesh).

JCVD (2008)
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His best film, 4 June 2008

I saw it.

I will be quick 'cause I'm so tired (1 am here) but I know that my dreams will be funky...because the film is funky. I was at the avant-premiere tonight in Paris where Jean-Claude and the team introduced the film to the crowd. He was very cool and fun.

The film ? Simply hot (not that hot), funny and touching. And I cried, yes really, like a sissy girl, I cried during his long speech (you will understand when you will see the film, but JC summarizes his life and it's a magic moment). I don't want to spoil the film, but to me it's great one in his career, very mature, well written, many private jokes for us, well directed, well played (Jean-Claude is simply awesome like you never saw him before), many many fresh things, scenes, and moments. It's a heist film, maybe a small heist but a big film who swims on Dog day afternoon, Clerks and Rashomon, Tarantino mood with flash-backs, flash-forwards (the editing is hot), a very nice sound track (very Enter the dragon's Lalo Schrifrin)....

I didn't like Fellows films, The HardCorps, The Shepherd, but I LOVE his last film, so fresh, I love JCVD the movie.

I want to see it again this week-end. Mabrouk, JC, thank you...

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Awful ! Now I know why Snipes doesn't want to make the promotion of this film..., 8 December 2004

Awful ! Now I know why Snipes doesn't want to make the promotion of this film... Many many awful & stupid ideas. Goyer is usually a good screenwriter, but not a good one for his own movie. This episode is, for me, the worst of the trilogy, and one of the worst film I saw in 2004. NewLine has just buried a nice character.

Most of the film looks like a comedy with unfunny jokes, with slow fights (old kicks, old moves, nothing special in the moves), boring stunts (woua ! a guy fly on a car, it's very original, I never saw this before). This film smells old, and takes all the fans for dumbs !!! It's a shame...

Please Stephen Norrington, comeback !