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a list of 250 titles
My idea of the 250, since the current is complete bollocks.

Removed Titus for Trees Lounge.
Removed Twins for THX-1138.
Removed Ali G Inda House (why was it on this list) for Fresh
Removed Lords of Dogtown for Matchstick Men
Removed Scarface for Jackie Brown
Removed Black Sunday for Boyhood
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Movies I have found to be very enjoyable or well made.
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Some movies I have watched that have just burnt scenes into my head, and make me remember that they're ultimately brilliant.
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What the title says
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This is a list of film directors I find to be astonishing and brilliant in so many ways. Maybe sometimes they have made a dud or two, but (and I know this sounds a bit casual) no one is perfect, especially if you direct films.
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list of movies to definitely watch while stoned
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Not in order, except for Jack Nicholson being first
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Actors I really admire, and will definitely not change till the day of my death, unless suddenly a completely extraordinary character appears out of nowhere, but I doubt it.

(not in order)
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This includes Musicals, obviously

A lot of these I just check my 1001 greatest movies ever list, and check their genre, and some of them I know by heart. All these movies, I believe, are worth watching.
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Evil Bong, Ted and Borat had to be added I'm sorry for making the list a bit bigger
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My favourite films, and three reasons why.
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The greatest bio-pics, in my opinion, and in order.
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The best mystery films.
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Couples in movies
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Fantastic Films released in 1995
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Basically my personal list of the greatest films ever (Most of these are in my dvd collection and some I just recall over time)
Suggest similar, if you can.

All these films are rated 7-10

7 means nearly very good and I wanted just a bit more
8 means very good
9 means nearly excellent
10 means excellent

Only four films are rated 6 and that's Totally F----d Up (Gregg Araki) due to it being part of the Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy, The Bride (1985) Franc Roddam, because Sting is in it and it's an honest guilty pleasure, TRON: Legacy, due to its brilliant soundtrack, and Into The Blue, due to Jessica Alba.
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List will be completed over time
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All the films are included in the list 'Favourite Films'
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I will make this list to see what films randomly come into my head
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List O' Bad Ass Actors
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A list I will fill in through time. This list will have items added as I soon as I recall them, but all these films I like, some I own and some I don't. This list is not finished, and who knows how long it will take for me to finish.
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Sci-fi movies I've seen
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a list of 40 titles
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Brilliant roles, by brilliant actors.
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A list of what I think to be the greatest comedians ever.
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