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Cute, 4 April 2004

This is one of the fluff movies which one doesn't need to be ashamed of admitting to enjoyment in. No, there's nothing plausible about 90% of the plot, but nor is there any pretense of such, so it's not something worth angsting over. Three fuzzy, colorful aliens crash their little yellow ship into the pool of a young, somewhat vapid Geena Davis, who has recently discovered that her MD. fiance is cheating on her. A quick shave and styling at her friend's beauty parlor transforms the three into less hirsute versions of Goldblum, Carrey and Wayans. Having assimilated at least the appearance of human beings, the aliens enter the world of 80s California, and wackiness, along with the necessary romance, ensues.

As 80s flicks go, this is better than, say, Weird Science or Back to School, though not up to par with things like Caddyshack or A Fish Called Wanda. Nothing essential to go out of your way to see, but certainly worth catching sometime

Splash (1984)
Delectable Fantasy-Romance, 24 January 2004

I've never enjoyed romance as a genre, but ever since I saw this movie ages ago, I've been enamored of it. Tom Hanks is absolutely adorable (moreso than in Big, in my opinion), and although I almost always have more respect for the male than the female character in movie relationships, Daryl Hannah manages to be whimsically charming and a perfect match for Hanks. Its sweetness is unadulterated by awkwardness, unlikeable characters or cliche, as the majority of romance flicks are. All but guaranteed to reach the most hidden soft spot in almost everybody, and with enough clever wittiness for the rest.