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The Help (2011)
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What a Beautiful Movie, 12 December 2011

This cast was first off, awesome, and I was just pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it was. I must find the book and read it!!! Talk about courage and friendship, what an understatement. I couldn't imagine living back when people had such small minds but that's how it was. This movie was touching and very real, with a no hold back on feelings and the actors portraying them. Back to Bryce was amazingly cunning and bitchy while Emma was the sweetest but stood her ground! Sissy was hilarious in her small role that had a massive impact. Viola Davis drew me in and took me along for her ride of heartbreak and triumph. Oooohh don't forget Octavia Spencer, she was AMAZING! What a great story to show how the world has changed and continues to do so!

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Good but a Little Slow......, 12 December 2011

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I was excited when I saw the initial trailer, I am a fan of Gennifer Goodwin, she is an amazing actress and since Big Love ended I was hoping to catch her in something else. I would have to agree with previous posts, the more that I get into the series the more I am left wanting more from Jennifer Morrison. While I felt similar in House, there is just something lacking for her character in this series. The always stunning Lana Parrilla plays an awesome evil queen, her beauty matches her evilness, and I mean that in the best way! The ruthlessness that she carried as a queen she portrays so well as a mayor. I like how the other characters are coming to life slowly with little tidbits here and there. I have been hearing rumors that it might end up like the 'Lost' series, but boy I hope not, that would take forever to get to the end!

Some episodes appear a little slow but that is understandable, look at what has to be told, there are so many main characters that need to be built. I will continue to watch and add notes as the season progresses.