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in defense of the film, 3 January 2004

i had just recently sent an e-mail to Andrew Overtoom saying:

may i just commend you on a WONDERFUL film? i LOVED it. i was visiting NY (seeing Little Shop of Horrors on broadway...great production, by the way) on monday, and thought i'd stop in the virgin megastore. i saw the film and bought it on a whim, thinking "hey, i like Morrissey and the Smiths. why not?"... all i can say is WOW, i love it. it's utterly hilarious in the utmost darkest psyche, almost a direct mockery of harsh reality. however! consequently, i've now developed a total geek fanboy crush on Jackie Buscarino. will she be starring in any other films? do you plan on putting together any other films? i'd be quite interested to know.

a new fan, -brent saner

and! he was kind enough to take some time and write back, and was utmost kind about it, saying:

Hi Brent,

Thanks for your email, aI always love to hear from people who "get" the film, and it sounds like you really got it. And oh yeah, that Jackie! I think everyone has a crush on her! She is quite the tart!

I do have a film I just finished writing that will be going into pre-production in the spring. There is a good chance Jackie will be involved with that one, but we'll have to see how big a star she becomes in the meantime -- she might be booked up years in advance by then!

I encourage you to drop by and/or and leave a short review if you liked the film. It helps us a lot as we are always under constant attack by the "morrissey nazis" there.

Well, thanks again Brent. Let me know if you have any luck with Jackie!

Best Regards, Andrew

now, having read that, i want all the "morrissey nazis" to know that this film is, in NO way, guaranteed to be about morrissey himself or include music by him. welcome to the real world! just relax and enjoy the film for what it is- a delve into the sickness of the human condition, and'or what can go wrong with an admiration when it goes too far.

and having a bit of dark comedy in the process.

the focus of the film is human nature, and jackie, and the way she interacts with people around her...not morrissey.

'nuff said!