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There are still movies I really want to see, such as American Hustle, 42, Gangster Squad, Fast 6, Wolverine, Thor 2, and a couple others. These are my top 10 of 2013 with my rating.
Honorable mention:
Anchorman 2
We're the Millers
Despicable Me 2
Movie 43
Don Jon
The Internship
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No order
Honorable Mention:
Law Abiding Citizen
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight Rises
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in order, mostly all comedies.
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No order and in my opinion.
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Overall 8.03/10
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Overall rating 8.25/10

This is my personal favorite season.
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Dumb movies or movies that don't make sense. Not in any particular order, let me hear your comments, bad or good.
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In order
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Listed in order of date.

Season 9 was my favorite season.
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Overall 8.75/10
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In my opinion and in order
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In my opinion she is the most beautiful women. No order.
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No order. My favorite pics of her.
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My opinion and no order. Theres so many so sorry if i miss some of her better pics.
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No order and in my opinion
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No order. I don't like these actors, couple are okay. People are going to disagree, so let me hear your comments good or bad.