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Brilliant, sexy, absorbing, 180-minute ecstasy., 2 January 2004

This mini-series, originally two 90-minute uninterrupted episodes, was presented in four parts on PBS. I found it absolutely thrilling! Tara Fitzgerald, who appears briefly as a teenager, and ten years later for the rest, is so gorgeous it hurts, and she acts brilliantly, as her role demands. (She's enticing in the nude, exciting in the sex scenes, young, mature, vulnerable, gutsy.) In fact, all the acting is convincing, as fans of her, Tim Dutton, Mark Strong, and British actors in general have come to expect. I didn't find the plot predictable in the least, right up to the very last minute. Tara's Zoe is thick-skinned in most situations and relations, except with Luke, for whom she has an understandable weakness. He's charming, sincere, and romantic (though his passion seems to border on obsession), and a great lover. But we can't be sure whether he and Zoe are equally mad, whether they might find enduring happiness together, or whether only something dreadful can resolve this plot's excruciating tensions.

-- Marshall Price of Miami, FL