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A holiday treat!, 7 January 2005

I want to start out by admitting I really don't like musicals. I usually find them silly, boring and they give me a headache. Thankfully none of these happened any of the times I watched NBC's enchanting musical starring Kelsey Grammar as Scrooge. What a delight! The songs were very good, the production values superb and the true spirit of Dickens' novel came through! I was particularly impressed with Grammar's Scrooge and Jesse L. Martin as the Ghost of Christmas Present. I really only watched this because I adore Jennifer Love Hewitt, I'd watch her in hour-long commercial for fruit! But I really thought this was just great. Every time I watch I like it better!

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visually grand escapism, 7 January 2005

Considering this was the first ever screen adaption of Frank Herbert 2nd nd 3rd books about "Dune" I was most impressed. Visually this sci-fi channel original was fantastic, actually an improvement over the first mini-series. The opening act is the strongest. Alia (wonderfully played by Daniela Amavia) is sexy and just a touch mad. Paul is weary and introverted. Then there is a real shocker at the end of part 1. Wow. Unfortunately this pace is not maintained is parts 2 & 3. It becomes convoluted and even a bit sillier. Susan Sarandon basically does a wicked witch impersonation and tries to foil the Atredies twins with tigers?!? It comes off a bit lame. The religious allegory is fine and Alec Newman (Paul) does well with the ridiculous "prophet" getup he's saddled with. Still Leto seems to indicate a we've met the deities and they is us message and that seems awfully forced after all the Spice-induced magic we've seen. Also although Alia spice addiction is better handled here than anywhere previously in the "Dune " universe it still could be better. Add some depth and realism for Pity's sake! Overall this is very good, but still I think, with all due respect to Mns. Lynch and Harrison, the definitive version of "Dune" is yet to come.

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fun fantasy flick, 3 December 2004

Like most I missed the theatrical run on this film, who didn't? I caught it on cable. I believe Dennis Miller had a running joke about HBO meaning "Hey Beastmaster' on!" This isn't agreat film, there are a lot of very obvious red herrings, but it's a lot of fun and certainly has earned it's cult status.

This sword and sorcery plot is well handled by Don Coscarelli and he directs his good looking leads, Marc Singer & Tanya Roberts, well. The photography on John Alcott is excellent and one of the highlights of the film. Lee Holdrigde's original score and Alf Clausens orchestrations are absolutely superb. Truly I thought the music was excellent. It's epic, memorable and so suited to the scenes!

For a film called the Beastmaster, its smart enough not to ignore the animals. The ferrets are cute, and yes ferrets are like that!, the Tiger (black panther) is fierce and the Hawk is mysterious, yet so graceful. I thought Marc Singer (Dar's) rapport with the animals was just great. The final fight with the Juns is fantastic in it's use of lighting and movement.

This film really should appeal to teenage boys and on that level it succeeds beautifully.

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what fun!!, 26 November 2004

Admittidely I didn't see this in the theaters, the critics made it sound so trite. Was I glad I checked out he DVD! This movie was great fun! What a great movie for its target audience! No language, no crud, just a girl being herself, and being a true friend and finding out even if things aren't as you thought, you can still make them great!

I though Lindsay Lohan was absolutely charming in this flick, the rest of the cast was pitch-perfect too! Especially Carol Kane, she was hoot! It was even a great drinking movie! That means every time a character drinks you have to to, ow!! This was super-cool. The dance sequence rocked and I loved the fantasy elements, the way Lola talked. This was so much better to me than Mean Girls or Freaky Friday, those movies were so contrived. This just rocked!!!

Judas (2004) (TV)
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so this sat on the shelf for two years...., 23 November 2004

O-k, I think ABC could have left this on the shelf. I really like Biblical films, I think it is important to get the message of Christ out there in new and interesting ways. I've like some of the old films, i.e. King of Kings, The Robe, and even some of the new producitons like Jesus-1999 with Jeremy Sisto. So I watched Judas with Jonathon Schaech and Jonathon Scarfe with an open mind. I can some this up pretty easy, Ugh.

I simply could not find one redeeming thing in this Paulist movie. The acting was awful, especially Scarfe as Jesus, the dialouge was completely inane!! Truthfully I felt this was a complete waste of time.

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enchanting and romantic, 4 July 2004

This is one of those rare sequels that actually surpasses the original. As wonderful as "anne of green gables" was, this production from kevin sullivan, et al, is even sweeter and more expertly done. In combining not just Anne of Avonlea but also the 3rd and 4th books in L. M. Montgomery's series Sullivan has pulled off a masterwork. it is unliklely to me that Megan Follows, Colleen Dewhurst and Jonathan Crombie will ever do finer work, and I mean that as the highest compliment.

Not only the performances but the look of this film! Prince Edward island is gorgeous and the producers were smart enough to take full advantage of it and the surrounding provinces. Anne Shirley is a very beloved heroine, I loved her from the first moment Megan Follows embodied her and recited "the lady of shallot" in part 1, its always risk to let heroines grow up, yet here it feels so achingly bittersweet, even at 4 hours you simply wish it would never end. The return of Gilbert and Diana and all of them feels like being reunited with old friends. Never, ever has a deep, true friendship been better portrayed on screen. These Wonderworks presentations are simply beautiful. Perfect entertainment ( and that word does not do these mini-series justice) for the whole family. Highest recommendation.

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southern goth ~!, 30 June 2004

This early Joel Cohen, sans Ethan, effort is passable. It features a good southern goth feel and some fine performances from Judith Ivey and Jennifer Jason Leight. It does rely too heavily on shock, rather than fleshing out its plot, but still its pretty convincing stuff! There is the requisite nudity and violence but at least this seems intune with the settings and people, unlike some deliberately sleazy thrillers. The repressed younger sister is understandably attracted to ahandsome "stranger", and her older sis is of course jealous. this makes sense and sets up a good twist with some nice nuances. Recommended especially for fans of Leigh.

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medieval spectacular!, 30 June 2004

This is an excellent Paul Verhoven film. Sometimes with Paul you get "robocop" sometimes "showgirls" this is one of the good ones. This is really a brutal, ultra-realistic, allegory. Agnes must choose between two worlds. one clearly good; Stephen. He is progress, intellect, love, good faith, etc. one cleary bad; Martin. He is dishonorable, violent, stubborn and surrounded by scum. Why should this choice be hard? Because as the lovely young Jennifer Jason leigh puts is she loves them both. Stephen is martin only younger. Martin was Stephen, a long time ago before medieval europe hardened him.

The characters is this story are either redeemed or destroyed according to their actions. Jack Thompson's general is saved from the plague by science and his appropriate sorrow at his injury of a postulant. meanwhile members of Martins band, rapists and murderers, die a agonizing death. Only the wenches are spared, redeemed by mercy or children.

Given the good actors here, the rousing score by Basil (Conan) Poledouris, and a realistic feel. this is a good film, especially for fans of the sword and sorcerey genre. Recommended

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splendidly acted!, 27 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of the most-overlooked movies I've ever seen! It is excellent. This film, based on Maxwell Anderson's play, really makes history feel alive! Richard Burton is fine here, as always, very magnetic as Henry VIII but he absolute joy of this picture is Genevieve Bujold, in her first major picture, as Anne Boylen. How she failed to wina n Oscar is beyond me.

The set and costumes are great and the acting is stellar. This is all aobut henry's quest for a male heir. Since Catharine of Aragon failed to produce one, he dumps her and seeks out Anne. For a thousand days they are happy. But only a daughter, Elizabeth, is born to them. So Henry accuses her, falsely, of adulter and asks annulment, which the church refuses. Henry decides that will not stop him, he puts her to death, having her beheaded and promptly rides off to romance Jane Seymour (the real person not the actress). But Anne can die with diginity for Elizabeth is hers and will be a far greater queen than any king Henry could have sired. Highly recommend for all fans of Burton and historical drama.

Angel (1984)
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sleazy fun!!!!!!!!!, 25 June 2004

Sure this is an over the top '80s sleazefest. Sure you might groan while watching it, but no film captured the sex-ridden heart of the sunset strip in the mid-80s better than this film.

The lovely Donna Wilkes is just sooo sweet as Angel, you can't help but feel for her in this movie, no dad, Mom just leaves for some guy! ouch! So she hooks up with wacked-out cowboy Rory Calhoun, wonderfully spoofing his own career. A cross-dresser with heart, Dick Shawn and a landlady who looks like Punk-X, the always welcome Susan Tyrell. But even when enjoying this weird dysfunctional "family" you know she needs something better. A serial killer, and a real sick bastard at that, on the loose just heightens the suspense. this is great shlock!

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