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Red Oaks (2014–2017)
Entertaining but unrealistic
22 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First the positive; The story kept my attention and the plotlines were interesting for the most part. BUT, it was hard to get past David Meier and his stoner buddy Wheeler. David was a short, dead pan, at best average looking going nowhere young guy, who was dating a hot daughter of a multi-millionaire. Unrealistic to say the least. Wheeler his buddy , was an obese, unkempt messy guy who gets the hot lifeguard. Both these women were women that could easily have accomplished , handsome, professional men and yet chose to be with such losers that did not even have the bad boy aspect going for them. I somehow got passed that and enjoyed the show. The supporting characters, Richard Kind, Paul Reiser and Jennifer Grey were awesome. Not to forget , the character of Nash as the overweight horny tennis instructor , was also a very funny character. Enjoy this sitcom for what it is and you wont be disappointed .
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Not realistic
18 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
What kind of a man attends the wedding of an ex-gf? What kind of an ex-gf, seemingly makes it an obligation to attend said wedding? This makes no sense to me in the real world. This is not only wrong but screams of an attention whore. I wonder why one would not only want to rub it in her exes face but also put her significant other in an uncomfortable spot.
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Doonby (2013)
Was abortion even legal in 67 in Louisiana?
18 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
A young mother basically being thrown to the coals because of an abortion. This film was so far right wing ideology and it was not even historically accurate. Basically a fantasy film about a man that never was because he was aborted. He was heroic and they actually portrayed the film in a bar in Texas run and owned by a black man. Like a bunch of right wing redneck country boys would frequent such a bar. One of the bad guys was from NYC. This was utterly ridiculous. Also, why is it assumed that aborted babies would be heroic anyway?
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Stranger Things (2016– )
How did Wynona Ryder get an Emmy nomination?
30 October 2017
This show lost 2 points because of Wynona Ryder. I enjoyed the little story, but was annoyed with every WR scene. one of the most absolutely disgusting acting jobs I have seen in years. This could have been a 12 year old girl from a middle school play. The story itself, although done before was riveting, and kept my attention and I liked the ending. That said, I will not be watching season 2 , with another dreadful season of WR.
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Like , Man this is a bad show
22 February 2013
Think hippy version of "Saved by the Bell" , which was preppy a couple decades plus later. Comparisons to "Square Pegs", with the valley talk are at minimum, being this is based more on stories from boys. That said, this was not a good show. The forced dialogue of saying words such as man,like or cat was just too much. It seemed every sentence had at least one of those words and they even had the authority figures saying these words, including parents and teachers and police officers. I just thought it was over the top. Kind of cultish , which I understand would appeal to a certain segment. Other than that , a show I was disappointed in seeing, after a lot of hype. I gave it 3 episodes and still do not like it. I give it the 3 stars based on superb acting. Very simple show but it translates to dullsville.
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Taken 2 (2012)
Sequel for the sake of a sequel
14 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I did give this an average rating for the acting and action. It did not put us to sleep. That said, this film was very ordinary with no twists or anything shocking . It had that feel of a romantic comedy where everything that you expect happens. The film just veered along smoothly and that was the problem. In other Liam Neeson movies, "Taken" and 'The Other Man" come to mind; There were twists galore , which made for an exciting movie going experience. It was clear this was along the lines of the Rocky series and other brand movie series , this was made simply for a big ,guaranteed paycheck. Not much thought went into this film. It was most likely rushed to get it into the theaters for that big payday. Shame on Liam Neeson, for this project. Hopefully, he stays away from Hollywood greed like this and becomes relevant again in his next film.
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Tried to be Artsy
12 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The film was enjoyable but it tried too much to be artsy. The biggest problem I had was that the film jumped from one date to another without rhyme or reason. It had that quirky feel and was definitely different than a typical romantic comedy. I still felt the film lacked in consistency . The acting was fine as was the direction. 500 days represents the length of the the relationship. Ultimately what kept this film from being extraordinary was that it tried too hard to be different. I think by jumping around it confused the viewer of the film. It truly was a film worth watching but it could have been much more.
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Avoid this film like the plague
14 August 2011
I was actually embarrassed for the headline actors, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. The material was not good nor were the jokes. Justin Timberlake was bad enough to begin, as usual. Mila Kunis is normally better than this. I guess she was playing down to her material and co-star. Either way the acting was horrible as was the plot and the direction. A negative trifecta. If there were any redeeming factors to the film it was the supporting actors. All of which I felt did an excellent job with the material they had to work. Patricia Clarkson, Woody Harrelson, Richard Jenkins and even Jenna Elfman, respectively. The film was predictable which is OK in this genre. Just a sloppy project in every facet. Save your time and bypass this one.
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Spider-Man 3 (2007)
Too much on the plate
4 May 2011
This film was basically satire. There was no real plot. The nonsensical plot lines; seemed like there were a hundred or so, just made this silly. The way this film seemed to veer, the average joe or criminal can gain super powers just by walking out the door. This was just a very silly film that was just made to bring the spiderman brand some built in bucks. The special effects were fine, thus the 2 stars. This project was an insult to my intelligence and just another disrespectful film fed to the masses with little care for the consumer. The acting was fine , though Spiderman was made into an egotistical , unlikable young man. Kirsten Dunst was whiny most of the film. Save your 2 plus hours .
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Retired at 35 (2011–2012)
All over the Place
3 February 2011
I saw the first 2 episodes and I truly thought this show overplayed its cards. There was so much happening in these ep's that I thought I was watching a soap opera. It was like the writers were trying too hard to get peoples attention. The show itself, was not well acted , well scripted or even well directed. This was an unorganized mess that was not only silly but not believable at all. George Segal was fine as was Jessica Walters. I would only hope these fine tenured actors would not have this show being their legacy. The premise of the show was actually a good one; Middle age son moving to his parents Floridian nest to get out of the big city rat race. It was just not articulated in the proper way or with the best actors.
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Wave Babes (2003 Video)
Hate Reviewing this But I Will
24 January 2011
I must say that the actors and directors and everyone in between put their heart into this project. I saw the extras and really liked the people that did this film and the improvision. The fact that most of the people involved with this, multi-tasked , including the actors. I have to say this dreadfully, that this film was horrible. I can put my heart into playing a major league game but I will still strike out every time. My point being that every facet of this film was bad; The writing, the script, the direction, the acting, the cinematography. It was a dull movie from start to finish. 3 middle age women reliving their past at the beach , they used to hang. Old scores to settle, old friends to party along with new ones. This was simply a bad film, which brought nothing new to the table. There is no redemption from anything even remotely attached to this film. The extras are actually better than the movie itself. Enough said.
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Sanford and Son: Aunt Esther Meets Her Son (1976)
Season 6, Episode 12
Atheism is not a disease
13 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of the most disgusting TV episodes I have ever seen. Esther meets her adopted son, who happens to be an atheist teen. Basically, This episode portrays atheism as something that is horrible and morally wrong. I thought this episode placed religion in a bad light by showing how judgmental one can be. Obviously, I did not like this episode and particularly did not care for the negative connotation placed with atheism. This could have been a wonderful episode , embracing differences not shunning them. Shame on the writers of this for this awful , hateful episode. The bright side is that the other S and S eps are much better.
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Could have been an awards contender
19 December 2010
I think it is a shame. The storyline was very deep and the twists in the film, magnificent. The acting was good and just seemed like a film that would be Oscar worthy. Now here is the problem. The film veered, in and out, from a dramatic effort to high school/college fratboy humor. This was lethal for the esteem of this film. Humor would have been fine but the over the top humor that this film resorted , did not fit the sensitive, serious nature of the film. The basic premise of the film was a womanizing,goofball pharmaceutical salesman falling in love with a young lady with some issues. I will leave this vague. I thought it was a creative , refreshing effort but the sellout to the fratboy humor I alluded, took this film from extraordinary to ordinary.
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Paul Simon, Paul Simon and more Paul Simon
29 November 2010
I wonder about this episode. I loved the first five seasons of this show , but this episode had to be the worst episode ever. It seemed to me that Lorne Michaels lost a bet to Paul Simon and had to feature him for most of this episode. Basically this episode had few comic moments and even the one funny skit with Paul Simon playing basketball with an NBAer, had Pauls music blasting. This was basically a Paul Simon concert with a number from Randy Newman and Phoebe Snow as well as Art Garfunkle doing duets with Paul. This was an atrocious episode and the only time the cast did not bow out at the end. My guess is that even they were upset at the direction of the show and refused to be a part of the final curtain. I can not say I blame them. What were they thinking or maybe not thinking at all? I do not know . Maybe Paul Simons label paid for the production of the episode to promote Pauls latest concert or record.
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The Other Man (2008)
Hidden Gem
6 November 2010
This was a film that explored the characters to the fullest. There were no stones left unturned . The results of this film was one surprising twist after another. The acting was top notch as was the suspense. The churning of my stomach was non-stop; Which is a good thing. A psychological thriller for sure. Basically we know the plot from the film explanation; Husband discovers wife had affair, goes to any length to find her lover and film takes off from there. Liam Neeson does not disappoint . Banderas was Banderas, basically the same character in every film and that was OK. Linney and the rest of the cast were serviceable. This film was unique from other films that are like this and that is what contributed to my high rating. This was a very emotionally charged film that dared to veer from the vanilla script that we see too often. Many times in my head I tried to guess what would happen next and I was wrong. Keeping the viewer wrong is a sign of great film making.
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Fighting (2009)
Horrible Directing , Casting, and Dialogue
31 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The premise of this movie was creative and could have succeeded. That is where the kudos end. First the Directing was just atrocious. It seems to me a film that had little rhyme or reason with many unbelievable circumstances. To start, you had a known professional boxer delegating himself to a street fight with an old college nemesis. The lead character who supposedly had a good upbringing , seemed illiterate, with one double negative sentence after another. I could buy it a little that fate and bad decisions can bring him down to a street hustler. All in all , many things just did not mesh. The love interest of the film was an adult, with a child and an exertive personality but somehow her mother figure, grandmother was able to manipulate her about relationships and sex. The casting and dialogue of this film was perhaps worse than the directing. Terrence Howard and Luis Guzman the anointed tough guys of this film were, to put it bluntly , wimps. Terrence Howard sounded and behaved like he were a rabbi as opposed to the underground bookie and ring leader of fixed fights. Luis Guzman and his entourage were the same. Other than the street fights and a lame , funny attempt of Howard being murdered by Guzman; There was nothing to suggest that this organized crime ring would as much as swat a fly. Throw in some stupid lines and you have a film that just did not make it to the last bell.
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Open Water (2003)
Depressing and Boring
3 October 2010
I might be able to get beyond depressing if the film was interesting. Of course, depressing movies are important, Schindlers List or most holocaust films, Gone with the Wind, Million Dollar Baby, Midnight Cowboy etc. While the acting was good, as well as direction and cinematography, the film just did not live up to expectations. I know this film was based on a true story . It seemed this was more of a filler type of movie to get it to the hour and half. Some gratuitous nudity early in the film for lustful men, but still a flat movie all around. Perhaps this film would have been done more to justice as a documentary or a short film. I believe this was a hard working crew that did the best they can under the circumstances. The fact remains Depressing and Boring is an horrific combination.
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Chaplin (1992)
Well Done
29 August 2010
This film did an excellent job of portraying Charlie Chaplin. Other than overdramatizing younger lovers, The film , I felt was accurate. Back in the early part of the century, ages of consent were much lower. The film made it seem like Chaplin was a pedophile, but clearly it was a different world during a different time. Robert Downey Jr. as usual was immersed in his role. I do not believe any actor could have done a better job. I certainly understand him winning an Oscar for this portrayal. The rest of the actors were excellent as well. This film had fantastic direction and I would not expect anything different from Richard Attenborough. You know it is an excellent film when you feel you are a part of that time period and locations. Comedy and drama were complimented very nicely in this film. As an historical , educational project, I felt I was enlightened very much so about this time period. That said, I think the film also did a wonderful job of interlacing events such as WWI, Hitler and the Depression without going overboard. Basically, relating these historic events to the bio of Chaplin. This is definitely a must see film for any film buff.
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Louie (2010– )
Very bland
26 August 2010
This did not work at all. I like Louis CK and thought Lucky Louie did not deserve the fate it had on HBO.However, This show was not funny, the stand up comedy moments made no sense. The jokes were not good either. This was yuppie type entertainment but just never clicked. Sometimes trying to be intelligent ruins the entertainment experience and in this case it is exactly that. It seems the actors were trying too hard to be serious in situations that were supposed to be comedy. It was thrown together without much thought and quite frankly bad comedy writing that did not do much to lighten the dramatic exposure. I got that this was supposed to be different but it was certainly a mimic of Seinfeld with the Stand up comedy, which by the way was every 5 minutes in the show. Seinfeld left it at the end and beginning of each show and even he realized it took away from the show and he abandoned the format. I do not believe this show would be saved if Louis CK did the same thing. He is a comedian that should be doing straight sitcom shows like the mentioned Lucky Louie. Black comedy or dramedy or whatever you want to call this is not Louie CK style. I will enjoy Louis Ck in his other projects but will not be watching this show again.
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Beyond Bad
12 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
What were they thinking? This film was basically a ripoff from "The Hangover" and loosely from all those other 'men sowing oats before wedding' flicks. I understood the premise and accept it. Sometimes you eat the lion and sometimes the lion eats you. This time , I was eaten. This film was horrible . Tucker, our main character was an obnoxious fool, but what is worse, he is an unfunny, obnoxious fool. The same old recycled gags; Bathroom sounds,handicap humor, fecal matter, misogyny etc. Where as "The Hangover" was excellent and yes even tastefully done with funny, original material. This film was not. As the film progressed toward its conclusion, Tucker was supposedly redeemed, but he was still an obnoxious clod that one could not root. Basically, He is Ferris Bueller raised by outlaws. Somehow, he convinces his friends to go to a town 3 hrs away to visit a special strip joint. Of course , one of these suckers is the groom. I do not want to give away the whole film, only suffice to say Tucker was not a good friend or even human being for that matter. Blaise acting performances, bad direction and the worst humor, translate to an absolutely awful rating and even worse viewing experience.The only good thing I can say is that I did not pay for this; Although time being money, I wasted an hour and half of my life.
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2012 (I) (2009)
A Disaster of EPIC Proportions
18 July 2010
This movie was too long for starters. There seemed to be way too much emphasis on showing one disaster after another, and showcasing special effects that quite frankly were not that special. The special effects resembled Cecil B DeMilles '10 Commandments', which was done over a half century ago. How sad. The acting was fine but I do not believe that John Cusack was comfortable in his role and for that matter , neither was Danny Glover as the president. They seemed kind of stiff, for lack of a better word. Amanda Peet was better than expected as John Cusacks ex-wife. Oliver Platt as the adviser to the president was OK. The best actor in this film had to be Woody Harrelson. He was terrific as an offbeat DJ ,broadcasting doom from his RV in the midst of Yellowstone. The film revolved around planet alignment causing natural disasters, wreaking havoc on the planet on Dec 21, 2012. The gist of the film was elitism vs. the common man, as far as seeking shelter from the inevitable. I saw this long film in 2 parts ondemand Starz. Took in an hr and half and than later in the day an hr., to finish the film. It gets tedious viewing this in one fell swoop. Just giving fair warning.
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The Warriors (1979)
Warriors Come out to Play
14 July 2010
This film was just an underrated winner. Simple enough plot and very suspenseful. Basically, It is a film about a gang trying to make it home to Coney Island in the midst of the New York City darkness. After being framed for the murder of the GODFATHER of the gangs,at an informal gathering of relevant NYC gangs ; The Warriors are in for a rude awakening, an adventure above and below the city, trying to make it 25 miles or so. With a bounty on their heads , so to speak, every gang is after The Warriors. This is an adventure, with lots of action and some wonderful catch phrases along the way. The late Lynn Thigpen as the DJ/narrator through out the film was awesome, as well as some great music , featuring Joe Walsh. Look for a young Mercedes Ruehl adding to this mostly non-descript, but well acted cast. In short this is a film of inspiration and adrenaline. A roller coaster ride through out, but well worth the time invested to see this film , without having to make the trip to 6 Flags. A movie mostly under the radar, but well above expectations.
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Hillside Cannibals (2006 Video)
Better than I expected
11 July 2010
Believe me a 7 for a 'B' horror movie like this , is like a 10 rating for a 'typical' film. This film was at the top of my rating , for this genre. The movie had the gore that I like. The twists were predictable but the film did flow. I liked the fact that there was sexual tension added between the cannibals and the victims. I felt that was a nice touch,interesting,and not overdone. I do not watch these types of movies to get Sean Penn, Johnny Depp or Katherine Hepburn type of acting. It is what it is...You do not eat fast food for gourmet purposes! There was a bit of nudity in select moments. Overall, worthwhile horror flick to watch and if you have the DVD, rent it or get it from your local library , watch the BEHIND THE SCENES Extra.It was very informative. Enjoy!
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No direction
7 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
All 4 of these women were stupid and slutty. The writer did not even give us a rooting interest for any of these women. They were out of the situation and then went back and did not kill or at the very least frisk the killer for weapons, after one saw the hotel clerk was shot. This was just sloppily done. Not one of the characters even tried a cell phone. This was ridiculous and badly acted. This movie had so many loose ends and evidence staring the viewer in the face with 'Keystone' cops, unable to figure it out. 4 ladies going to Vegas and one of them decides to be like a man and just hop in bed with the killer,before they knew he was a killer, but still. Of course , You had the shallow girl talk of 'size' etc. This was just a bad movie and I give it a 3 based on some action here and there.
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Did we really expect better?
27 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
These remakes are annoying and I would never pay to see them. I like horror and figured I would watch it on a subscribed premium channel. This film was an absolute disaster. First off, our villain seems to meet modern , intelligent women. 23 years spaced from the original.... We are led to believe that a woman, with children, no less, will take in a guy and not accept warning signals from friends or not net-search herself the names. If someone makes up a name it is easily , at least basic verifiable to find out if the time they were born is true, where they have lived, even where they went to school or military records, David said he was in military. This was a sham and 23 years ago, would be more believable. The acting was non-existent and Amber Heard, the eye candy of this film , was probably there to keep us from not changing the channel. A horror film that was all too predictable and made our characters, especially Mrs. Harding, look like dimwits. To top off the onslaught of stupidity, this film had an open ending, which was predictable by the way. Now the little respect Hollywood has for us, will probably be another slew of sequels , for a film that was already sequel-ed to death, pardon my choice of words lol, back in the late 80s, early 90s. Watch the original with Terry O'Quinn. It is much more believable and the acting is much better.
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