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Like repertory theater, 12 March 2006

One of the wonderful things about this series is that the two main characters are played by the same male and female actors throughout, even though they are playing different roles. The male lead is often called "Mulliner", but he is a different person each time. It makes the series very much like repertory theater, and shows you just how versatile these actors are. They also get into the most unusual situations, like playing golf in the water, or getting locked in a cupboard. It just one laugh after another, without having to resort to vulgarity or sexism. The first series has P.G. Wodehouse himself making the introductions, which is extraordinary because he was 94 at the time and in fact died in 1975, when the series was released.

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I saw this film as an IMAX and it was breathtaking., 23 May 2004

This short film has a fabulous soundtrack and amazing shots of natural wonders, nature, and people. The film is shot in countries all over the world from Borneo to Alaska, with interviews with native peoples, and a narration by Redford (although he talks less than the others). The shots of natural wonders, and natives doing their thing (hunting, cooking, dancing) are interspersed with fast-action scenes of cars zooming on throughways and people scurrying, which provide a stark contrast between living in harmony with nature and being in a rat-race. All of this is enhanced by the scope of the IMAX screen and surround-sound system. However, the emphasis on primitive living is a little too much to be taken seriously by those of us with indoor plumbing!