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Title entries in this list with comments that ends with "read more", you can go to my blog to read the rest of the reviews, which is simply too long to place them here.

The Chinese titles in the comments refer to literal translation from the original Chinese titles if they're different from the English titles.

This list contains my favourite Chinese language films that come from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. It also serve as vehicle to show the development of the Chinese language cinema. To this end, this list consists films that mark the milestones in the development, movies that represent the best in their genres, game changer films or simply great, entertaining films. This should give you a panoramic - in Shawscope and other anamorphic lenses - view of Chinese language film industry.

I will try to include my favourites in all genres from art-house to Western (yes, they make Westerns).

I'm nowhere near completing this list. The way I'm going, it probably takes me another century or 2 to keep it up to date (I hope so. I like to live that long). Yep, this is a work in progress. So I could make some howlers from time to time (I'm only human. Just kidding. I'm actually a clever AI algorithm). It should be minimal, and WILL be corrected in due course. The list should contain over 300+ movies or so when I'm done. But do enjoy what I got so far.
If you want to look at my list as a history of HK film development (my angle for creating this list), then you should sort it according to chronological order by Release Date. If not, just leave the list with default sorting.

In this list, if leave unsorted, the genres are grouped together that are headed by the following movies (and chronological order within each group):

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Black & White (silent & talkie) starts @ The Sing Song Red Peony (1930).
Musical/Huangmei Opera starts @ Diau Charn (1958).
Martial Arts (wuxia & kungfu) starts @ Come Drink with Me (1966).
Crime (action & drama) starts @ The Story of Woo Viet (1981).
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Art-house/Social Drama starts @ Yellow Earth (1985).
Horror/Cat III starts @ We are Going to Eat You (1980).
Historical/War/Biopic starts @ The Magnificent Concubine (1962).
Comedy starts @ Crazy Money (1975).
Romance (action & drama) starts @ Hong Kong, Hong Kong(1983).
Family/Relationship Drama starts @ The Song of the Exile (1990).
LGBT Drama starts @ Peking Opera Blues (1986).
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WKW Films starts As Tears Go By (1988).
Other starts @ The Monkey King (1962).

The following link contains terms that are useful when discussing Chinese martial arts flicks. At least, it makes you sounds like an expert, especially if you don't look Chinese.
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I love comedies, and this list contains my faves in the descending order from the most to the least.

About 90% of the series in this list, I had watched almost all episodes. About 5% I had watched at least 30% of the episodes. And only less 5% that I had watched only a few episodes, and decided to stop watching because they turned out to be time wasters.

It's no easy task to rank them. The top 10 are relatively easier, but the rest are hard. This is my best shot FOR ME (as comedy is totally subjective, and are subject to further changes). For examples, classics like Happy Days maybe very funny in its days, but simply not that funny today. We may like it for nostalgic reason - I found it funny once when I grew up with it - but it's just not the same TODAY, TO ME. That's why the list title is All-Time Favourite, not Favourite of the Year or Decade.

Boy! Just realise how much comedy I've watched.