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great story but..., 23 January 2005

it never gets to real emotions due to, in my opinion, bad casting choices.

Jim Carrey seems to know too much about making movies and this really prevents him to become the character. He can play the shy guy, he can play the little infant. However he's still not playing the man in love. He looks anxious but yet not passionate, not moved deep inside. He just knows how to look good and that's it. To the Academy members, please don't nominate Mr Carrey. He's got a long way to go before he reaches a convincing drama role.

Kauffman's screenplay is amazing. At times it reaches the same level of complexity and absurdity than Woody Allen's stories. And this should be taken as a compliment. I wish him lots of his books produced.

Great story, if only Lacuna Inc exists...

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go and walk around the block instead, 2 October 2004

I'll tell you whom I love: Mike Nichols for great comedies; Meryl Streep for 99% of her work; Al Pacino at some pictures; actor playing Belize, hey! great job! Justin: hope to see you along a lot! Thomas Newman, delicious.

Now, Emma? With all my respect I never liked you, except in Love Actually.

A mini like this cannot be seen at home all the way. It's not a movie. It was designed to be delivered in small edible chapters week after week.

Too much text -esp. on Louis- that drove me off.

All in all, I'm very disappointed.

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multi-racial, multi-ethnic and surrealistic, 9 August 2004

do you think your town is the only cosmopolitan place on earth? do you have issues with your mom? has your dad been absent for some time? is your brother a loser?

this portrait of a man in crisis is funnily descriptive, sharply accurate and surprisingly moving. I just loved it! excellent camera, screenplay, direction and acting. the leads are outstanding and the secondaries superb.

Daniel Burman and Daniel Hendler have reached the perfect timing to expose contemporary idiosyncrasy in the finest shape.

hats off!

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show business just as it is!, 2 January 2004

don't miss this movie! you are going to love the lead so much that you will long for the story not to end, ever. beautiful x-ray picture about backstage and on-stage life. desire, passion, lust, envy, jealousy... all so humane.

best musical on screen. Bob Fosse's tribute to himself. deserved.

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five generations of women giving life lessons, 2 January 2004

when everything seems lost, when life is too challenging, when standards are far away, these wise women show us there is always a way. and they not only enjoy it but makes us enojy it too. surrealism helps the viewer to ease the struggling and improve creativity about lifestyles.

close to an inner-trip. a timeless movie to recall forever.

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little movie about bizarre Xmas Eve in the middle of nowhere, 2 January 2004

so many odd characters make it impossible not to recognize one at least. or even get identified with your own darkest moments, especially when nothing happens as it is supposed to. to enjoy this delightful movie, it is advised to open up one's mind and strive to see the bright side in this one too.