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A list of the 10 movies in cinemas that so many people love and praise, but honestly if we take a step back, aren't as good as the hype or what the fans made it out to be. LET IT BEGIN!!
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The 24 James Bond films, ranking them from worst to best!! LET IT BEGIN!!!
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The top 20 movie endings which were just bad. Great Oscar winning films in this mix which had endings that made no sense. SPOILERS AHEAD
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So The Walking Dead is one of the best shows out there and we just witnessed an amazing mid season 4 finale and that is one of the best this show had to offer. But what about the worst? As many great episodes as there are, there are a few that were downright filler, pointless, boring or all of the above. I don't like to get negative on this show, but here are the 5 worst Walking Dead episodes. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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UPDATED: The top 5 Walking Dead Episodes. WARNING STORY SPOILERS!!!!!!!! Will update after season 4 is finished
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The 10 worst movies ive seen in 2013 SO FAR!! Movie 43 I did not see, so that's not on the list.
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The 15 best movies, where an animal outside of humans are the villain's. READ: JAWS is EXCLUDED and NO Extraterrestrial beings! only creatures from EARTH, we all know the first Jaws is the best creature feature, so here are the 15 best outside of JAWS.
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Movies that people love but I hate. When I say I hate that movie the people give me the death stare, like WTF is wrong with you, will here are my 10 LET IT BEGIN!
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The worst 2ND movies in a franchise THAT I HAVE SEEN there might be worse ones than the ones im listing but i havent seen them so thats a no go, so no Jaws 3d or Police Academy 6 on this list and no dumb and dumberer thats a prequel. So only the 2nd installments in a franchise LET IT BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!1
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The 15 most controversial films ever, dealing with race, killings, religion etc... The ones that people were debating banning from the screen. Here we go.
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As stated. I have an emotional side when I watch movies, and im not afraid to tell all but I have cried to so few movie, and here are the few that I cried too at least once. Also I will include the sceneso if you havnt seen the movie, Spoiler alert!!!. Here we go.
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Here are my top 10 best Trilogies in movie history. Even if one of the films is bad, maybe downright horrible, the strength of the other 2 films can still salvage it. So 1 or 2 might have an addition that is bad or is just not up to par with the others. Also it HAS to be only 3 films, so no pretending that the 4th or 5th additions didnt exist, cause they do, so no Indiana Jones here sorry. Here we go NUMBER 10!!!
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A list of the 52 worst movies that should never have made the big screen, this excludes straight to dvd, beacause there is a reason they go straight to dvd
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Love movies, that are so bad they are good? Got a sweet spot for a movie that was hated by many? Wanna watch a movie but dont want to get caught watching it? Me too!! My top 30 Guilty Pleasures!!!
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a list of actors and actresses who everyone thinks are awesome but are smply overrated.
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The 50 best movies I've ever seen in my 22 year life!
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The movies that your friends couldent wait to see and then felt that they never shoulda seen it in the first place.
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Movies that arent good for a date night cause your girlfriend would pay more attention too the movie then you
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its the title the movies in no order that simply fail to capture the awsomness of our favorite comic book heroes
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My 21st Bday was November of last year here all all the movies I watched before i was legal!!
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ith the Oscars coming up i thought i would make a list of the movies that should have won best Picture. Inculded are the one that dident win and the one that would win the award even if there was a do over. Let it BEGIN!!
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The 20 best zombie movies ever(this includes infection zombies too)
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The best Stoner movies ever to watch when your in happyland in no order