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beautiful....., 26 March 2007

DISTANT THUNDER is a very hard to find film (at least it was for me), so, if you see at your local library or film rental, don't pass up the chance to see it. It tells the story of the famine of 1943, in India, where a young Brahmin doctor (Soumitra Chatterji) and his beautiful wife (Babita) must search for rice, as the price continues to climb. The doctor is humbled by the experience and is forever changed (for the better) through experiencing, firsthand, what it feels like to be hungry. This is a beautiful masterpiece by the incomparable Satyajit Ray. If you haven't seen his films already, this is a great introduction. I also highly recommend THE APU TRILOGY, TWO DAUGHTERS, DEVI and THE STRANGER.

49? (2003)
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Excellent film!, 9 October 2006

This is a short film that was made and conceptualized in just three days time, for the Seattle International Film Festival. 49? takes a look at the origins of the Native American chant style called the 49--a cross between Native chant and Country Western music. For those of you unfamiliar with Sherman Alexie, this is a great introduction to him as a filmmaker and writer. It is, both, entertaining and poignant. For those of you who are familiar with Sherman, on the other end, his combination of biting humor and insight doesn't fall short here in the slightest way. If you have seen The Business of FancyDancing, you will recognize Gene Tagaban, one of the actors featured there, in this movie as well.

great examination of the social division between people in Hawaiian culture...., 22 August 2006

Lovey is a social outcast, speaks pidgin English, has an unruly Afro, wears coke bottle glasses and is too shy to speak out against bullies who ostracize her. This film is part fantasy/part stark reality. I loved this movie, mostly, due to the fact that I (and I am sure MANY of us) was once Lovey in my formative years. The brutal pains of teen angst, the sense that you belong nowhere and the inability to articulate that pain are all universal feelings that transcend race, culture, and class. This is another film that is very difficult to find on the shelves at the video store (most likely, you won't!). If they ever air this on PBS again, I recommend you time your VCR (or TiVo) and videotape it. This is truly an example of beautiful film-making.

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great and insightful film about prejudice in present day United States....., 22 August 2006

A Sikh family is stranded in the desert, in the South West, and no one will pull over and give them a jump. The patriarch's youngest son attributes it to the fact that they are of color and that their father is being perceived as a terrorist, due to his turban, dark complexion and the fact that the family clearly isn't blonde haired and blue eyed.

This film is intelligent, beautifully executed and even humorous. No doubt, this film is hard to find, but if you DO find it, please watch it. It will clue you into how our United States culture views foreigners (in this time of great social unrest), and the struggle for minorities to rise above common social and racial stereotypes.

Cosmopolitan (2003) (TV)
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A great film, with great actors and a plot we all can relate to....., 10 February 2006

"Cosmopolitan" is a charming film about starting over, when life throws you some serious curve balls. Our hero, Gopal, whose wife has left him for a life of solitude and meditation in the ashram, back home in India, and whose daughter is traveling to Mongolia with her boyfriend, must look within (and without) to start life anew. For starters, he decides to tune into what women want, through reading Cosmopolitan magazine (a magazine he formerly shunned and discouraged his daughter from reading). He also seeks refuge in Bollywood films. The flashy dance numbers bring his spirits up, as he embarks on a new relationship with the cute American neighbor next door (the irrepressible Mrs. Shaw).

This film was written by the beloved writer and director, Mira Nair, whose previous works (Monsoon Wedding, Mississippi Masala, Salaam Bombay!) covered very compelling and thought-provoking topics. This film is no different. It examines how we reinvent ourselves, after life has been anything but kind. The protagonist grows, as he comes to terms with his own shadows, and must rise above his own selfishness and learns to love again. This film has it all...romance, drama, great dance numbers (done in the Bollywood style). You will love it.....

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a beautiful, beautiful masterpiece........., 9 December 2005

This is, definitely, one of the most beautiful and poignant interpretations/performances of this classic opera. The director, Baz Luhrmann (best known for Strictly Ballroom and Moulin Rouge!), revamped it and set it in the 1950s French Latin Quarter. Not only is the acting strong, but the singing is superb. The leads, David Hobson (as the poet, Rudolfo) and Mimi (the ailing Mimi) are absolutely mesmerizing.

Even watching it, back in 1994, I could tell it was going to go on to be legendary. The artistic direction is vibrant, the music is beautifully performed and there are even warm, humorous moments, sprinkled between the seams of tragedy and mournfulness. You feel a connection to the actors, and it ultimately tugs at your heartstrings........Note: Watch this with a box of tissues and someone you love........

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sooo funny!, 4 October 2005

I wasn't familiar with the brilliant comedy duo of Mike Nichols and Elaine May, until I saw this program (originally broadcast in 1996 on PBS). Their combination of great comic timing and natural improvisational ability is showcased, here, in rare clips of their comedy sketchs. Whether they take on contemporary political issues, teenage dating rituals or the divisions of social class, this couple was simply amazing! They came up with funnier material on their feet, than some of the so-called "comedy" developed for the sit-coms of today, written weeks in advance! Check it out, if you can find this video. You will love it.

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beautiful, beautiful concert!, 5 March 2005

This is a concert I think everyone should see! Young, old and in between. Roy Orbison is always close to my heart as one of the most prolific, sensitive and talented vocalists that graced us with his presence in the music business and was taken from us far too soon.

BLACK AND WHITE NIGHT has been shown multiple times on PBS and I never get tired of it. Every time I hear Roy, it's like hearing him for the first time. He has a wonderful tone and totally breaks your heart. Of course, the world knows him most famously for "Pretty Woman," but he is so much more than that song! How wonderful it was that musicians like Bruce Springstein, Tom Waits, Jennifer Warren, KD Lang and Bonnie Raitt joined him in this, his final televised concert before he died of a heart condition in 1988. Watch this, everyone!!!!

Doki-Doki (2003)
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great little Japanese film...., 14 January 2005

This is the Japanese answer to AMELIE. It looks at how one woman can effect the lives of those around her, just by taking notice of those who wait at the bus stop with her everyday.

DOKI DOKI is witty, beautifully filmed and full of warmth and introspective content. The young woman in this film is in love with a man she sees, day in and day out, during the mundane commute. He is handsome and she remembers him from pre-school. As the young woman contemplates how to approach him, her life intersects with those around her..... I don't know if this available anywhere (I saw it on PBS a couple of months ago), but it is DEFINITELY worth watchng!!!!!

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everyone needs to see this film...., 12 December 2004

This teleplay version of the beautiful play by Ruby Dee is just wonderful. Ruby Dee stars as Zora Neale Hurston, the magnificent playwright from the Harlem Renaissance. This play is really a collection of all of the stories Zora Neale Hurston compiled in Eatonville, Florida straight from the mouths of the predominantly African-American community there. This film has humor, folklore and intelligent insight. It truly gives a glimpse into the vision of an intelligent, eloquent woman with a vision. This will definitely make you want to go out and read "Of Mules and Men" and "Their Eyes Were Watching God." (Truly great books!!!)

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