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Carjacked (2011)
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Don't waste the electricity of your DVD player to play this movie., 3 December 2011

This is a great film for exactly what your typical air head blondes would do in such situations.

I would love to meet the director of this movie and try and understand how he would ever approve such a disaster.

This movie has many scenes that will make you go WTF? Unbelievable events , broken story .

Watched it thought hey it would be a great movie , but the events that unfold , the countless blonde moments where she had a chance to deal with the situation .

Perhaps it should be called When a blonde is car jacked. Because the level of stupidity in this movie clearly reflects that.

I would not advise anyone to waste their time on this movie. I have no clue who authorized such a disaster bs movie. Don't waste your time with this. I gave it 2-10 because it had a good theme. But failed in performance and the situations it portrayed. Unbelievable garbage .