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The following are all the movies I enjoyed watching. (Arranged in descending chronological order).
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All the movies in Ebert's 'Great Movies' I haven't seen. RIP Roger Ebert.
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Movies I haven't seen from the top 250
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I have watched a whole lotta stuff on the screen. This is a list of those titles that I had a good time watching. Arranged in alphabetical order.

Note: This list contains movies, TV series and short films too. For a list containing only movies, go here:
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The transition from good to evil
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I don't think Casino Royale is the best Bond film, but, oh well. Dunno how they'd rank Skyfall.
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All the superhero films I've seen.
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These aren't all the movies I've watched in the 13 years of my 14-year old life...these are the best movies I've watched in the 13 years of my 14-year old life.
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All the movies I've seen that star Leonardo DiCaprio.
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