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in progress... always thankful for some new suggestions.
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list of comming of age movies. if you have any other recommendation (especially from different national cinemas) feel free to recommend.
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I didn`t include czech and slovak movies, but they also deserve more attention - for some suggestions check list of my favourite czech and slovak movies.
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I tried to make a list of movies, which can be watched by people with different taste in films without anyone of them feeling bored... Order is random, but at the beginning are movies, than movies, which belong to some serie (or movies with sequels - the one which I picked is also the one, which I enjoyed the most), than some TV series and at the end are movies, which consist of a few shorts (any new recommendations are welcomed :-)
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This is the list of the films, which I consider to be comedies.
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These are czech or slovak movies, which I like. (The list is not complete...) ...feel free to comment and recommend.
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List of movies, which I consider to be absolutely the best of all time. There is a lot of Jarmusch`s or Hartley`s movies (maybe way too much), but I just love them...
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Movies (not necessarily musicals) with dance scenes, which are memorable for me...
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90s - beginning of indie rock and some Awesome movies...
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