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Titles on this list are at least nearly feature-length and include pretty much any movie I've ever watched with few exceptions. All titles from my 'Films I've Seen' list are included, in addition to every garbage Mary-Kate and Ashley movie and Air Bud sequel I've seen, obscure home video releases, concert films, and B-movies.

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Titles on this list are feature-length movies, usually released in theatres with the exceptions of indie films, respectable TV movies, and documentaries. Movie sequels, children's movies, B-movies, and concert/stand-up films are included at my discretion.

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Listed titles include any TV show of which I've seen every episode of every season. Shows still in production are included if I have seen every episode of each of their seasons except the current or most recent. Mini-series and documentary series with at least four episodes are included, as are web or streaming series.

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