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Watch it !, 30 November 2011

Gran Torino is a drama, directed in 2008. Recently widowed, the war veteran Walt Kowalsky lives quite alone in his suburban district . His family and he have pretty much turned away from each other and his neighborhood mostly consists Asian Hmong-people, which Walt is unfriendly and racist to. As Walt saves his neighbor-family from a criminal Hmong-gang he makes friends with his neighbors reluctantly. After that the young neighbor guy Thao works for him, because he tried to steal Walt's car, the Gran Torino. Thao is feeling sorry for it, but he was forced to the test of courage by his cousin, who is the leader of the Hmong-gang. Because of this Walt is able to see how Thao and his family really are. Thao is polite, hardworking and intelligent, but he isn't a real man, so Walt decides to show him how to be. He finds work for Thao , but the gang hits Thao and a bloody fight between Walt and his neighbor family on the one side and the gang on the other side...

Clint Eastwood, who is director and main actor in one, understands in really well to fascinate the viewer with his charismatic and realistic acted character. Also the other rolls are very good casted. Gran Torino gets along without any big special effects, but with good fitting soundtrack and great plot.

Watch this movie! I'd give it 9 of 10 stars.