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An American waste of time, 14 February 2004

If there was one positive statement I can make about "American Psycho;" it would be that it was over in two hours.

Aside the fact that it was over in two hours "American Psycho" featured a great performance given by Christian Bale due to the Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde persona. Bale suavely did his thing at night to get his craving.

While I hated this movie, I think that Christian Bale should get credited for his performance as the devilish, sly, cunning, smooth talking and clever Patrick Batemen. I can not say much for the performances of the rest of the cast they were beyond awful, they were a waste of time ad expense for the producers and directors.

Like "American Beauty" in 1999, "American Psycho" is one of the worst films I have seen.

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nothing special; but gets the job done, 14 February 2004

"American Pie" is certainly not one of my favorite movies; however, I will say that it left me laughing very hard.

"American Pie" is a crude movie and should not be seen by young children by themselves. The performances were nothing special but with the talent attached; "American Pie" gets the job done to my satisfaction.

The best part about this movie is that the cast enjoyed & knew what they were doing at the same time. I must give credit to the Weitz brothers for an outstanding and convincing job how high school really is.

This is an humorous movie with an okay plot and average performances.

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Be afraid, very afraid, 14 February 2004

Kevin Bacon mesmerised the audience with his haunting portrayal and Kathryn Erbe captivated the audience with ease as she surprises everyone with great screen presence. "Stir Of Echoes" is one of the most frightening and well-made horror films in recent year.

"Stir Of Echoes" is a prime example of a film that will have the audience covering their eyes and will leave everyone terrified at the end.

Bacon has proven once again that he capture the essence of each character and turn it into a performance that will leave everyone smiling. Furthermore, Bacon is one of those actors you just know will turn in a good performance for you. This movie is no different. I'm not sure I would like this movie as much if there were a story that had some mystery and substance behind it.

On the other hand, we have an actress that is the perfect compliment to Bacon as she steals the spotlight from her co-star with each scene leave with her great screen presence. Erbe has quickly become one of my favorite actresses as she has the subtle quality to draw people in to the plight of her characters.

Watching "Stir Of Echoes" was like reading a good book that couldn't be set down. I didn't want to push pause on the VCR because the writing was engrossing, the performances drew me in and scares were so good I almost believed it was a real event.

The characters were particularly well represented. The screenwriter did an excellent job at writing it so the audience cared what would happen to them.

"Stir Of Echoes" is not to be taken lightly because it is scary and psychologically thrilling. All I have to say is WATCH IT.

Election (1999)
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pure crap, 7 February 2004

Oh my, what a huge mistake!!!!!!!!!!! It is unfortunate everyone has to suffer through a film such as this.

Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon star in this disjointed film that was supposed to be similar to "Ferris Buehler's Day Off;" however, the director failed in making a success out of "Election." "Election" is one of the worst films that I've seen just the most annoying. For example, there were too many flash and cutbacks that ruined the flow of the film.

Another aspect of the film that I didn't like was the amount of chemistry between Broderick and Witherspoon, which was lacking. I think that casting directors should have done research on who really works well together on screen.

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Enjoy this adventure, 1 February 2004

Maybe it was the many puns or hilarious play-ons, but "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle" is one of the most enjoyable comedies I have seen.

Robert DeNiro leads an all-star cast that includes Rene Russo, Jason Alexander and newcomer Piper Perabo in a comedy that will knock everyone's socks off. I was very impressed by everyone in this film especially De Niro because this is quite a departure from his dramatic and action roles.

Newcomer Piper Perabo looks a lot like Renee Zelwegger and that is what I first noticed about her. I subsequently realized that she was more than just a pretty face, she is a real talent that will go far in Hollywood if she puts forth the effort.

Another aspect of the film that impressed me were the puns and play-ons the writer came up with since it were that made the film that much more enjoyable to watch as they were able to poke fun at others and yet still be funny enough where it didn't become silly.

"The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle" far succeeded my expectations of being one of the best made from a television show. I hope everyone can enjoy this film as much as I did because it is sure to make you laugh throughout the movie. This is a must-see movie for all ages to enjoy.

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3000 miles of crap, 28 January 2004

It is unfortunate that movie fans must sit through a film that contains no point, bad acting and even worse directing, but this is exactly how I felt when I saw "3000 Miles To Graceland;" one of the worst films of 2001.

It is hard to conceive of the notion and shocking to watch actors such as Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Christian Slater and Courtney Cox combine their talents to turn in terrible performances in an awful film.

Costner, Russell, Slater and Cox are far from their destination as they try to reach Graceland. Films such as "3000 Miles To Graceland" make me question the screenwriters ability to come up with an entertaining script.

Two hours of non-stop gratuitous action and four high profile actors cannot make up for the lacking elements of "3000 Miles To Graceland." This film fails to reach the potential it had with the original concept.

There is nothing new about "3000 Miles To Graceland" because a similar plot was created to entertain audiences a year earlier called "Reindeer Games." Since I enjoyed "Reindeer Games," I thought I would enjoy this film; however, I was sorely disappointed to learn that this movie was nothing more than four men with a desire to play dress up in Elvis costumes. If I wanted to see Elvis impersonators, I would travel to Memphis and take part in the Elvis convention.

The biggest problem I found with "3000 Miles To Graceland" was understanding the reason why this film was made. Four men parading around in Elvis costumes is so uninteresting I felt like walking out of the theater and asking for my money back; something I rarely find myself doing.

Another problem I had was the lack of focus and commitment showed by the actors. With each passing scene, it became painfully obvious that the actors were more interested in the concept of prancing around in costumes playing cowboys and indians.

Though there was a plot somewhere scattered among this mess; however, I failed to see the connection and relevance of most of the scenes. The scenes seemed to be slapped together and forced for the purpose of making another Elvis film. The writers must have had their minds on other topics because their effort certainly showed in the outcome.

Zero plot, zero effort and zero character development totals a really bad written film. If I had a nickel each time I pointed out an irrelevant scene, the bank would go broke and I would be a rich man.

Costner has been one of my favorite actors since I was a kid. "Field Of Dreams marked the first time I saw this tremendous talent at work and I knew he had the ability to draw the audience into the film. With a roller coaster career that includes box office failures such as "Waterworld" and successes such as "Dances With Wolves," Costner has proven he is only human.

Watching Costner perform in "3000 Miles To Graceland" was excrutiating because he put no effort into trying to make his character come alive. I look forward to the next Costner film because it is sure to be a hit.

Russell has always been actor one can always count on to deliver powerful and comedic performances; however, he takes a nosedive with his worst film since "Soldier." Like Costner, I sat through "3000 Miles To Graceland" watching Russell perform in a flat and extremely one-dimensional role.

It hurts to see an actor who has had a successful movie career make a huge mistake choosing to make this movie. I could only wish and hope he can rebound from this movie and get on track once again.

I would like to talk about the supporting cast; however, there performances were so awful it doesn't deserve any comment. Cox was out of her element and should return to sitcom fame; Slater should make wise decisions regarding which roles to take.

"3000 Miles To Graceland" is far from its destination and drives itself into the ground as it strives to entertain viewers. Even with the firepower of Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell, "3000 Miles To Graceland" could not overcome its over-glorification of Elvis Presley; two thumbs way down.

Along with films such as "All The Pretty Horses," "Battlefield Earth," "Soldier" and "Freddy Got Fingered;" "3000 Miles To Graceland" belongs in a graveyard containing films that should never be seen again.

Entrapment (1999)
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Trap yourselves in this movie, 28 January 2004

Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Will Patton, and Ving Rhames star in one of the best movies I've seen all year. Sean Connery is Robert MacDougal a jewel thief; Catherine Zeta-Jones is Virginia "Gin" Baker, an insurance investigator sent to capture him. As the movie evolves, it becomes apparent that not everything is what it seems.

"Entrapment" is a movie that people will enjoy as it will keep them on the edge of their seats and keep them guessing whether or not certain characters are on the level. The plot includes trying to capture Robert MacDougal while he tries his hand at a theft of mask. The movie doesn't end there, not only does it have one robbery but there a two; the second is an offer by a mystery person who can only be revealed when it is seen.

"Entrapment" kept me guessing throughout to who might be on the level, wondering who might be the real thief. Along with the suspense, "Entrapment" includes underlying but clear sexual tension and incredible chemistry between Connery and Zeta-Jones.

Also, "Entrapment" was enjoyable due to the many high-tech gadgets, which were used by Connery and Zeta-Jones. One scene in particular was very enjoyable as it involved Zeta-Jones in sensual positions. It seems like Connery's character was a father figure for Zeta-Jones and was proven in several scenes throughout the film.

"Entrapment" also includes great support from its co-stars Will Patton and Ving Rhames. Patton and Rhames are so good it is difficult to tell whether or not they are part of a conspiracy to steal the mask or they are really tracking Connery and Zeta-Jones.

"Entrapment" is a movie for people who like a good suspenseful thriller that will make you think and does not have a resolution until the end. Furthermore, it contains a surprise ending that will the audience will enjoy.

"Entrapment" works for me because it shows me Sean Connery at his best and Catherine Zeta-Jones as a star on the rise. "Entrapment" deserves to be seen.

8MM (1999)
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8MM of crap, 27 January 2004

With successful hits such as "Face/Off" and "Con Air" behind him, Nicolas Cage stars in one of the worst films of the year. "8MM" is so awful it doesn't even deserve to be in video stores.

The plot surrounds Cage's portrayal of a private investigator named Tom Welles, who becomes involved in a missing persons case. A missing persons case that leads Welles into a disturbing world that includes pornography.

There are only a few scenes in this film that make the film just short of a total waste of money. They include scenes of mystery and those that make you wonder what is going on, and with his family.

Nicolas Cage is a very smart and brilliant action star; however, he must have let it slip his mind to go over the script with a magnifying glass.

Instead of "8MM," watch more enjoyable movies such as "Snake Eyes," "Con Air," and "Face/Off."

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An honorable film that deserves everyone's attention, 26 January 2004

If anyone wanted to know the definition of academy award performances; they can look no further than those given by Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr. If someone wanted the definition of an academy award film; they can look no further than "Men of Honor." I was honored to be a witness to one of the greatest films ever made.

Words cannot describe the way I felt while watching "Men of Honor" because it is one of the most courageous, emotional and touching films I've seen since "Saving Private Ryan." Along with "The Perfect Storm" and "Pay It Forward," "Men of Honor" is an example of a film which made me feel good on the inside as well as the outside. Furthermore, this film is true testament to the courage and bravery men and women like Carl Brashear show in the line of duty.

"Men of Honor" is one of the finest films I've seen in the past year because it has two of the best actors and the best ensemble cast since "The Perfect Storm." "Men of Honor" CANNOT be missed under any circumstances because it is a testament to the human spirit and one man's unrelenting quest to accomplish his dream.

"Men of Honor" profiles the life of the first black navy diver and his inspirational, courageous, and unrelenting quest in becoming the best navy diver in the United States by achieving the status of master diver. Carl Brashear is the true definition of an American hero because he embodies unwillingness to give up in the face of hard times.

It was a true pleasure and inspiration to watch "Men of Honor" because it afforded me the opportunity to learn a valuable history lesson; the knowledge I gained from this film will stay with me for life.

"Men of Honor" is a film that boasts one of the greatest compellation of talent in Hollywood. Hollywood's intimidator Robert DeNiro leads this all-star cast that includes Cuba Gooding Jr., Charlize Theron, Anjunue Ellis, David Keith, Michael Rappaport and Hal Holbrook. It didn't take long to draw my first conclusion from "Men of Honor;" the ensemble cast brought home the true spirit and essence of one man's fight to be respected and treated as an equal. For this reason, "Men of Honor" has the BEST ensembles of the year.

Only one outcome can come when DeNiro stars in a film; only one outcome supercedes all others when DeNiro film hits theaters. Excitement and success are the outcomes that make my heart skip a beat with anticipation. When I hear the Robert DeNiro's name being mentioned as part of a cast, I will be the first person in line to buy tickets because I know exactly what the outcome will be. His film credentials include some of the best films ever made. DeNiro brings so much to each role including intensity, intelligence, honesty and character. Without a shadow of doubt, DeNiro's greatest quality that he brings to "Men of Honor" is character. His performance as Billy Sunday is his best in his career because he puts his whole heart and soul into this film.

Gooding improves with each film he stars. From "What Dreams May Come" to "As Good As It Gets" his repertoire grows and his star is on the rise. With his stage presence, talent, class, honesty and sophistication, Gooding rises to the top of his class and becomes one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.

Gooding's role as Carl Brashear is one of the most inspiring and uplifting performances I have ever come across on film. His screen presence, honesty and class add credibility to this film and to the portrayal of Carl Brashear. Utilizing incredible sensitivity, Gooding captures the spirit of his character with little effort and great success. It is with roles like Carl Brashear that will win him many academy awards and a bright future in film.

"Men of Honor" is a beautifully crafted, well-acted masterpiece that will leave everyone with smiles on their faces. DeNiro and Gooding come together as one to make a movie, which is a true testament to the human spirit and courage. I'm very honored to have been in the audience when viewing "Men of Honor" and now the owner of the DVD of the film because it pays tribute to a true American hero.

Most of the credit must be given to the writers for creating a screenplay with rich quality and adding depth to the characters. It is great to watch a film that allows the viewer to see each character in the film developed to the fullest as "Men of Honor" did.

This film is most likely the single greatest 'based on a true story' film that has been made in America. It ranks right up on top with "The Hurricane," "Titanic," "Saving Private Ryan" and "U-571." This is a masterpiece that should not be overlooked.

I hope everyone gets the chance to see "Men of Honor" as it truly is a remarkable film. Furthermore, I hope everyone watches "Men of Honor" because it is one of the most inspirational films boasting an ensemble cast.

Love Story (1970)
A romantic masterpiece, 26 January 2004

Nearly twenty-five years after it was released, "Love Story" remains one of the finest romances ever brought to the silver screen. Erich Segal has harnessed his immense talent and dispatched it toward his pen as he wrote one of the finest romance novels.

From powerful performances to a story that brings your emotions to the forefront, "Love Story" has risen to the highest plateau in Hollywood. The cast led by Ryan O'Neal, the stunningly beautiful Ali MacGraw, Ray Milland and John Marley is truly unique to other romances.

MacGraw and O'Neal turned in their BEST performances with "Love Story," and they will always be remembered as the most romantic couple ever to come on the big screen.

Segal's story is the type of story, which makes me want to live within that world and never leave. "Love Story" is the type of movie one says to themselves that this is a place I never want to leave and a movie I want to watch over and over.

These are the feelings I have toward "Love Story." True love and chemistry has not radiated from two characters on screen as "Love Story" did with Ryan O'Neal's character Oliver and Ali Macgraw's Jenny.

This film covers the good times, bad times, sad times and everything in between. It is true testament to the talent of the fine actors involved, the writer who penned the novel and the director who turned the novel into a movie.

"Love Story" set the standard for which other romance dramas should strive to become. EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH THIS FILM.

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