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Kate playing Kate, 19 May 2005

This was a Katharine Hepburn film, it was written for her and no one else could have done it. Kate really is playing herself and there is nothing wrong with that. She descends on a family and changes their lives completely. It reminded me of that old Bette Davis film 'The Man Who Came To Dinner' although not in the same league. The story is slight and not up to the standard of Kate in her prime but its a feel good film and thats something we need more of. Good meaty roles were then as they are today in short supply for an actress of her age. The film is similar to many of the TV films that she made at the end of her life. Not a work of art but I think its well worth taking the time to view if you haven't seen it already.

Sextette (1978)
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Come Up And See Her Sometime..., 19 May 2005

I saw this movie on TV several years ago and thought that I would hate it after reading so many terrible reviews. It's true that this is a movie aimed mainly at Mae West fans and it was made about 40 years too late. But the production values are high and the acting is great. Mae looked good for her age and it was the only film offer she had received in a while. Like Mae said 'if I don't work what should I do, sit in a chair all day and rock'. The movie is good fun and it is nice to see Mae having such a good time. There were lots of stories being told at the time she made this about her mental and physical condition but these nasty stories which we all heard were proved to be false. Long live Mae

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Good fun, 16 May 2005

Cheap and trashy, this film didn't scare but thrilled me with its sense of camp. Yvonne De Carlo is such an underrated actress and is always worth taking a look at. The film is low budget and apart from De Carlo doesn't have any other well known names. The story is very simple a man writes a story about a scary monster. The monster comes to life and kills him but of course that is not the end of the monster. It waits round for more victims... This film may turn up late at night on TV, if it does turn off the lights curl up on the couch and enjoy the next hour or so. The plot cant be taken seriously so just enjoy the absurdities of it. I saw this film on VCR several years ago and cant wait for it to be released on DVD. Yvonne has made several low budget shockers over the years and this has got to be one of the best.