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and just in time for halloween, and I DEFINITELY plan to make up for my absence by adding as many and the best possible movies I can AND getting this list in order which man has been hard, but worth it for you fellow sick gorians (PS I think either facebook or IMDB reset my likes on Facebook, not like I'm on social media to often but if you wanna show your support I would still very much appreciate it, because I WILL FINISH THIS SOOON!!!!)

So basically for all you kiddies reading this, the list is 18+ so either tread with caution or wait a few more years, but preferably for your sanity, I'd pick option 2.

So with that being said, welcome to the bottom of the barrel in cinema folks! Thanks to all for the suggestions, wouldn't have got this far if it wasn't for the massive variety you gave me to check out for the list.These great flicks range from the worst of psychological, sexual and physical abuse caused by many things such as supernatural, environmental & religious reasons (but the biggest reason being usually humanity's reasoning alone). This is shown through ranges of some great masterpieces of cinematography to gory and/or sometimes hilarious flicks, but all guaranteed watched to the end and left an impact on me in some way that left me unsettled to say the least.

This list has 1 out of 666 more flicks to go before it starts getting worked on properly by being put it in order with categories, mini-reviews, replacements of the lesser disturbing movies with upcoming better ones & eventually a tribute video.

For now, it's ongoing and in no particular order, so for all the fans still cinema chasing my list out there, any suggestions are of course greatly appreciated, thanks again for all the help & feedback because if it wasn't for all of you I would of never made it this far. So sit back and watch what's already been posted & prepare yourselves for the end of the list is almost here...
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Mind = Blown
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