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These are my personal picks for hottest actors...just fyi some are like back in the day he was hot...cause some of 'em are kind of old and wrinkly now, lol. And honestly there are only about 5 that are consistant ones...I go through these phases depending upon what I'm watching :p
No specific order...except Jake
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Not in any realorder...and yes this is different from my hottest actor list although some may be on both.
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These are some actors/actresses I thought would be great in the rest of the PJ movies. I'll probably list some characters that they won't put in the movie and I'll probably forget some. I know casting has already started. Also I won't do Percy, Annabeth, Luke, etc. some of the mains from the 1st movie because I've grown to love them and wouldn't change them.
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These are just 10 movies that I think everyone should watch at some point and time in their lives. They're just movies everyone should see at least once for one reason or another.
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These are those shows that I love to watch but I would never admit it, (execpt you know on imdb where no one knows who I am, lol) We all have those shows that we love but for whatever reason we dont let other people know :P
It's actually very short, lol
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No specific order.
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My 10 favorite movies.
(not in any real specific order.)
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My 10 favorite TV/Movie dads....basically who would I want as a dad.