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Dear movie fans, I'm listing my personal favorite exquisitely beautiful women of movies ever from all around the globe. IMHO, they are the best ever looking Divas to grace the Showbiz especially movies!. I know you may have noticed the omission of famous stars such as MM or ET.. but didn't connect to me as mystical, graceful and stunning. Its just my personal opinion and i am happy to share these with you folks.. !! They may not be in a particular order.. but of my memory.. Happy reminiscing.. !! CBS.
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My favorite Music directors.. what more to say.. each one of them is legendary in his own rights.. Though i admit few of them are ultra specials like.. Hans Zimmer and Mike Ziacchino..!!
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I know i have forgotten some of the best ones.. But, these 50 favorites are those who are quintessentially classic to me in all genres..!! Hope you have enjoyed watching these legendary flicks.. Happy Watching!