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Movies that has changed me, left me speechless, made me cry, laugh, and that's left me with a good impression. No perticular order.
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This is a list of my favorite actors and actors I really like, that should get some more recognition. Keep in mind this is my list, based om my opinion so please, if you don't agree keep your rude comments to yourself. There is no particular order in this list.
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I have some favorites, but I don't really watch that many tv shows, but if you know any good ones, please tell me ;-)
I know, I watch way to much comedy :(
PS: This list is not finished yet.
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This is a list of my favorite villains. (Not done yet)
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So this is a list based on my opinion. I've seen a lot of crappy movies over the years, but these are the most memorable ones. And if you feel like there are some really bad movies that should be on this list, it's probably because I haven't seen them, and I probably won't either.
Please leave a comment below. (This list is not finished yet)