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I Am Bruce Lee (2012 TV Movie)
THE DEFINITIVE Bruce Lee Documentary hands down
28 July 2012
I, like many who are die-hard Bruce Lee/Martial Art fans have probably seen each Bruce Lee work more times than we can count without getting tired of seeing that same scene one bit(or at least I can speak for myself in this regard).

I AM BRUCE LEE, gives the viewer, who they assume know of Bruce Lee and his movies and are fans of the man and his work, an inside perspective of who he was, as a human being, martial artist and movie star. I have seen to my knowledge, most if not all of the notable Bruce Lee documentaries prior to this one and although most of the footage are archived material seen in those previous documentaries, because it is being commented on by close friends, admirer's, family members, followers, the whole documentary feels very intimate and most definitely emotional.

I highly recommend this title for even the most faintest of Bruce Lee fans and or fans of one of the most inspirational and honest human beings who has ever lived.
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Ted (2012)
Absolutely hilarious from beginning to end.
3 July 2012
My summary is pretty self-explanatory. This is the first comedy I can remember in a very long time where I have laughed this much from beginning to end. It is easily the must see comedy of the summary if not the year. The writing from director Seth Mcfarland is nothing less then I expected from him. I am not a regular viewer of Family Guy although I have caught a few episodes here and their but I have seen the last few Comedy Central Roasts in which he has hosted and he is among the funniest presents in that series I have seen.

In short, I urge anyone who has not seen this yet and is questioning whether to go see it, to not hesitate for a second and definitely go out and see it. It is obviously not intended for children so do keep that in mind, other then that, prepare to lose a few calories through laughter.
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Wake of Death (2004)
Definitely on the right track
21 February 2005
I picked this up yesterday randomly just looking through movies at the local Bestbuy and I had heard about it before it was released but I had forgotten about it. I am a big Jean-Claude fan and have almost all his movies.

I have to say this now is one of my favorite JCVD movies, in my opinion one of his most dramatical movies, of course we don't normally associate JCVC with drama in the true sense of the word but the plot of this movie and how it developed towards the later part did prove to be pretty dramatic.

He is definitely on the right track to rebuilding his movie career, I've really enjoyed all his recent movies, Wake of Death, In Hell. His acting ability and his maturity now is definitely showing in his latest movies, they've improved and its good to see him doing well. His always been one of my favorite action stars and as a few others have said on IMDb, there will never be another JCVD so we have to be grateful that he is still making movies and even better then that, good movies.
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