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I am a film geek and love films. I recently have been watching films in my class and saw a film that i never saw before. The film was gorgaous and I decided to make a list of films, that which i think show the true Art of Filmmaking. Not all you'll agree with and thats fine we all don't agree on everything. So here is my list in no order.
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each one has there spot for reasons
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Bond, James Bond a fictional hollywood Icon made up by non other then Ian Fleming. 23 films have been made now with 6 actors portraying the infamous icon. So what is the best film and what is the worst? They all have there great scenes but also have there flaws. So this is it Bonds best to worst films in his 50 year history of on screen apperince.
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These are 30 movies that show true filmmaking at it's best.