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The only movie I walked out of because it was too scary., 19 June 2004

I remember years ago, I saw this movie at a drive-in in Portland, Oregon. However, I thought the title then was "The Black Pit of Dr. X," and it was in English. I remember the part where the disfigured doctor returns from the grave and starts to play his violin. At that point I left the theater. Ever since, I've wanted to see it again to know how it ends. So there was at one time a print of this movie in English. Whether it is available now is another question. If anyone knows of an available copy (in English or Spanish), I would be interested in checking it out. I would also be interested to know if anyone has seen it recently (within the last few years) and where he/she saw it. Thank you.

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Unquestionably the worst movie I have ever seen., 19 June 2004

If there were ever a contest of the worst film of all time, the most wasted use of celluloid in the history of film, this item would qualify hands down. I saw it by chance in 1967 in Reno, Nevada, with two other patrons who were obviously sleeping off their binge from the night before. I should have walked out after the first few minutes, but this is one of those "films" (I hate to use that word to describe this fiasco) that is so bad, I wanted to see just how bad it got. I suppose the worst part is where the leading lady, the "girl," after being raped by her jailer, is taken to court and pleads her innocence before a Southern judge. This "film" is an absolute insult to the people of the South and to anyone having any taste whatsoever. I noticed also that it's not even listed in Leonard Maltin's Movie Review book. The only reason that I'm writing this much about it is that in order to leave the one line summary (above), I have to write ten lines here.