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OUTSTANDING!, 19 January 2004

For someone who lives outside the United States of America and has an interest in it's history 'The Civil War' for me delivers everything that I'm unable to get here in the UK.

History books don't even come close in highlighting the lives and stories of the those involved in this watershed of America history, it's effects not only felt in North America but eventually the world.


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There should of been only one!!!, 12 January 2004

One dear, whats happened?

All I'm saying about this is it's as bad as the first Highlander is brilliant, the only good acting comes from Lambert, the story is so poor that if I pointed out all the weak parts I would spoil the film for the real (and I mean real) die hard fans of the series who have to yet to see this one.

If your into the Highlander films big time then you might want to take a look, but if you only liked the first keep your distant.

I Thank God that I missed this one at the cinema.

"Wizbit" (1986)
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What the..., 5 January 2004

What the hell was that all about???

What I remember most of Wizbit is a big yellow wizard's hat sort of thing called 'Wizbit' with a whinny voice and hands that make far too many hand gestures for my liking. His best friend a giant rabbit is best summed up as a cross between Lennie Small from John Steinbeck's Of Mice & Men and the evil rabbit in Donnie Darko.

If you get a chance to see 'Wizbit' don't bother

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One Big Freak Show, 22 December 2003

In terms of the age of our planet and in relation to 'Walking with Dinosaurs' set in Earth's distant past, 'Walking With Prehistoric Beasts' happened only last week so to speak. The series starts off with one of the first Mammals then finishing with Humans and the Giant Mammoths, with carnivorous Wolf like animals who's nearest modern day relative are Sheep! this is one big freak show from start to finish.

'Walking With Prehistoric Beasts' tells the story of how Mammals have come to dominate this planet we call home, with each part a different story about an individual, family or group and how they survive and cope in the harsh new Post-Dino world

If you enjoyed 'Walking with Dinosaurs' (it's predecessor) you're love this, the narration, models, FX & CGI have all improved greatly, with some of the `Beasts' in parts even interacting with the camera that is suppose to be filming them.

Great viewing for young and old