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Short Circuit (1986)
I still love this one today
25 May 2005
I practically grew up watching this one. And this film is two years older than I am. Number Five has long been a movie personality I grew to adore, as well as his human co-actors. There has never been a time where I have watched and not smiled at it's quirky verbal humor. I have recommended it to many acquaintances looking for a good, old 80's comedy. The sequel is not quite as up there, but I also keep it mixed in with my favorite DVDs. For any science fiction fan, it can be seen as a classic and prelude to movies such as "I, Robot".

10 out of 10 is my rating because this movie has played a great part in my movie-watching life. I first saw it at the age of 9 (edited Disney broadcast version, with the adult language cut out) and have looked to it ever since if I just want to get a little laugh. And, for me, a little laugh in my otherwise stressful life is a great thing.

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Orca (1977)
Does Hollywood TRY to villianize every predator?
16 February 2005
It just wasn't enough that they have made movie viewers petrified of the sharks and snakes. Oh, no. Now here is a film that makes one absolutely gorgeous creature, the killer whale, seem like a bloodthirsty man-hunter. I understand in the 70's we didn't know a lot about these animals. Basically, all we knew at the time was that they preyed upon anything in the ocean. But, come on. Orcas will not eat humans. There have been cases of injury, and sometimes death, but there has never been a solid record of an orca killing a human as a food item.

I give this film a rating of only 2. One - because of the fact it focuses on killer whales, even as a villain. Two - because of killer whale footage that is featured. I am educated in the names of past and present captive killer whales. In the opening scenes, the male and female orca pair are actually Yaka* and Nepo*, two deceased orcas that once performed at Marine World California.

There are some mistakes I noticed right away when seeing/hearing this one. The main one being that one of the characters states that "orcas mate for life". This is not true. Killer whales are polygamous, meaning they have many partners.

I'd only recommend this if you are a fan of the late actor Richard Harris. Or if you just like seeing old, cheap, villianize-all-the-animals-of-our-planet movies.

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