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Dr. Carnage Is Back For More Terror!, 31 August 2016

Terror Toons 3 is one insane sequel. It follows right after the first Terror Toons. Dr. Carnage and his monkey side kick Max Assassin are back. They look even crazier than ever this time around. This movie is filled with lots of carnage and it's gory as heck too. It's a wild ride of non- stop evil toon madness. The special effects mixed in with CGI look like something out of a crazy nightmare! If you enjoyed the first 2, I would definitely recommend checking it out. My only complaint, it ended too soon! I look forward to seeing what Dr. Carnage has planned next! Gory good fun! A Joe Castro experience you don't want to miss! Great to see Hershell Gordon Lewis as well. I enjoyed his version of the three little pigs.

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What Origins? More Like No Origins To This! *Some Minor Spoilers*, 29 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Leprechaun: Origins was definitely not as great or fun as the Warwick Davis Lep series that's for sure. I've seen worse movies, but for a reboot it's pretty bad. I will say I enjoyed the scenery of this movie. Too bad they didn't use more of it. Most of the movie takes place in the dark. The Lep resembles the creatures from The Descent mixed in with the ape monster from Creepshow. Some have even said he looks more like a midget vampire demon. Not really the Lep I was hoping for, but I admit it looked decent I guess. The Leprechaun never laughs or talks though, just growls. In the trailer I heard a laugh near the end. No Leprechaun laughs in this though, very misleading! There were so many missed opportunities in this movie. They could have done so much more with the story line. I wasn't very impressed with the gore either, not really bloody at all. The camera always cut away when the Lep was attacking. The movie is very short too and leaves you wanting more. Most of the action is near the end. It's not as horrible as I thought it would be, but this could have been so much better. This was really a pointless reboot that did nothing to reboot the series. Feels nothing like a Leprechaun movie either, more like a creature feature syfy original. None of the characters are even likable, except maybe the Irish guy. He was probably the best actor in this too. Bring back Warwick and start over again. The fans are not happy WWE! We want Warwick Davis and a Leprechaun that actually has character and origins! This Lep ain't no good in this hood! Even Leprechaun 4 was more fun than this. I think even Leprechaun's Revenge aka Red Clover had more origins. A pretty disappointing reboot on all levels really. Long time Lep fans will be very disappointed. Nothing scary or interesting about this Lep. Just my opinion though, you may enjoy it.

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I Loved This One!, 7 January 2012

The Loved Ones is one of my top favorite Australian horror movies. It's got a great story, fantastic music, and some really disturbing scenes. Basically the story is about a psychotic girl and her insane father who torture this guy. He wouldn't go out to prom with her, so she has her own fun with him. It is a very bloody movie and will for sure leave you shocked by the end of the movie. The Princess character is very creepy and does a good job at freaking you out. I highly recommend this one to any fan of Hostel or fans of gory slasher films. Hopefully we'll get this one in the USA soon. I would like to thank my good Australian friend Jay for sending me this movie. I loved The Loved Ones! I give this one a 10/10

Razorback (1984)
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Now That's Some Good Pork Chops Mate!, 30 November 2010

Razorback has to be one of my all time favorite Australian horror/action films. The movie is just so much fun to watch. The music is very creepy and atmospheric and goes mighty good with the film. Razorback is a very dark film about a killer razorback pig. Did I mention the special effects were very good for it's time. When you see that huge Razorback pig you'll be like, "Good Grief Mate!" It's just huge and full of so much detail. Too bad you don't see the pig close up in the movie much. It's one of the best killer pig movies I know of too; heck it's the only good one. If you're a fan of killer animal flicks or just like cool Aussie films, I reckon you should check out this piggy. It's worth a ride mate! Oink Oink!

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Not Bad Needed More Backstory Though, 14 February 2009

Well I saw the new Friday The 13th remake, or reimagining whatever you want to call it. The opening sequence felt really rushed. They should have showed a bit more of Jason's mother and more of little Jason. I think if they did that this movie would have been great. It wasn't a bad movie; it just needed more back story imo. I liked the way Jason looked though, he was very cool in this one. Much better than the Jason from Freddy VS Jason. The teenagers were your typical sex, drugs, dumb and most of them got killed off. I'm actually glad they killed off the Asian guy he was very annoying. I didn't mind the main girl character and the guy that was looking for his sister. I think they were the best actors in the movie, next to Derek Mears. The movie was fairly violent and pretty gory. Jason is still one mean killing machine in this one. He actually runs in this one too. The last fight scene with Jason was pretty good. I like how they showed his face too. He's one ugly son of a gun that's for sure. I look forward to the sequel if they make one.

I give Friday The 13th a 7/10

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This movie made my day!, 19 July 2008

I've been really sad lately. I recently lost my dad this past 4th of July. So I decided to rent me a movie to try to cheer me up some. I came across Shoot 'Em Up on Comcast On Demand and went ahead and rented it. I'll have to say this movie put a smile to my face. It had such good action and it was really funny at times. It reminded me of the movie Crank kinda. This movie was just non stop. There is never a dull moment in this movie. It's fast paced and full of good fun. It's the best movie I've seen in awhile. This movie made my day! My dad would have loved this movie too.

If you like action this movie is for you! 10/10

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In The Name Of Krugs!, 19 April 2008

I know right now I'm going to get bashed to heck for this review. If you don't like this review, then don't read it. This is my opinion and if you don't like it too bad. Anyway, In The Name Of The King was a very cool movie. It was a bit too long, but I never got bored watching it. Jason Statham kicked some butt in this movie as Farmer. The ugly troll krug guys looked pretty good, and the fight scenes were very well done. I liked all the big name actors in this movie too. Burt Reynolds & Ray Liotta weren't in this movie too much though. If you enjoyed the Lord Of The Rings movies, or just like action/adventure movies you might enjoy this one. It's worth checking out and no where near as bad as everyone online is saying. I honestly don't see why people hate Uwe Boll's films. Sure they sometimes feel low budget, but they are fun to watch.

I give In The Name Of The King an 8/10

Hitman (2007/I)
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The Ultimate Assassin!, 20 March 2008

Hit-man is based on the Hit-man video games series. If you've ever played the game, it's about an assassin that goes around and kills people pretty much. There's much more to it, but I don't want to spoil the games for anyone. Anyway Hit-man was a great action movie, and in my opinion true to the games. Timothy Olyphant looks exactly like Agent 47 from the video games. He did a fine playing the character in this movie too. This movie will for sure keep you entertained; it's full of violence and killing. Agent 47 is one mean son of a gun! There are tons of fight scenes in this movie, and very cool intro. I think the intro was done very well. They should have used more music from the video games though. If your into action flicks, or just looking for a fun video game movie. You have got to see Hit-man. The Unrated version has much more gore added and seems a bit bloodier to me. Definitely check it out if you're a fan of Agent 47!

Agent 47 gets a brutal 8/10

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Death Can Be So Funny At Times!, 20 March 2008

My good friend told me about Death at a Funeral. He was right, this movie was dead funny! This has to be the funniest movie I've seen all year. The characters were just hilarious and the comedy was very good. I liked the Uncle Alfie character he was so dang funny. That toilet scene was just classic! He was funny when they picked him up for the funeral too. The movie is about all these people that attend a funeral. Everything goes completely wrong when a midget shows up though. If you enjoy comedy and your looking for something to laugh out loud to. Death at a Funeral is for you! Did I mention this has one funny ending too! I give Uncle Alfie a 10/10

Alien Avengers II (1997) (TV)
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Aliens Are Among Us?, 13 March 2008

Alien Avengers II is a pretty funny sequel. It follows right after the first movie. Shanna Reed does not play Rhonda in this movie though. We get Julie Brown instead. She's pretty funny too, but I think Shanna was slightly better as Rhonda. The rest of the cast is all back in the sequel. You've got Daphne, Charlie, and Joseph all returning. Daphne and Joseph search for her parents. Meanwhile Charlie and Rhonda find a little town and have some fun. Alien Avengers II is a fun comedy, but no where near as hilarious as the first movie. It's worth seeing, but don't kill yourself trying to find a copy. Charlie is still laugh out loud funny, that guy cracks me up.

I give these funny aliens a 8/10

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