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Though somewhat overrated, it's still a good familyshow, 20 December 2003

Before I start commenting on the show, let me just say this about the comment I posted here when I was 10: Wow. I may have gone a LITTLE bit overboard about TCS back then. Maybe made a mistake or so. But, we all grow up, and I certainly have. But back then, it was a favorite show of mine. In my opinion, I think that TCS' constant exposure on Nick @ Nite is what made me a little less fond of the show. It's shown quite a lot over there, and sometimes it seems like too much. Which is unfortunate, because TCS is actually a pretty fun show (though I haven't watched it in a long time, honestly), just not my favorite, that's all. But I understand why it ruled the 80s, because it did have a huge impact on television. Denise was always my favorite character, it wasn't the same after she left (All the characters were great, though).

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A cute show for young children, 20 December 2003

I posted the first comment for Punky Brewster when I was at least 10. Back then I missed the show more than I do now, though it would be cool to see it again. I exaggerated when I called this Soleil Moon Frye's best, because the only thing I've seen her in besides this is an episode of the Wonder Years (though if ever see her in Sabrina reruns, maybe that'll change). Anyway, Punky was a great show, especially for young kids who wanted a positive role model. My favorite episode has to be the "Miss Adorable" one. I watched that tape of it so much it isn't even in good condition anymore. If it comes back, maybe I'll tape it. For now, I have the memories (and the theme song, for that matter) in my head.

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A fun family show to watch, but..., 20 December 2003

I thought Michelle's lines as a toddler were CUTE? That's what I wrote here when I was 10. Man, growing up just gives you more knowledge. Oh well. There was a period when Full House wasn't in reruns for awhile, and I started thinking Full House was a bad show. When it came back to Nick @ Nite last month, though, I came to this conclusion: It may not be the best, but it's not the worst show, either. Unlike what I posted here when I was 10, I can see why some people don't like the show. It IS sometimes a bit unrealistic, and some problems do seem too big to be resolvable in 30 minutes. But for the most part, it's funny, and a good family show to watch. D.J. and Stephanie are still my favorites, and in my opinion, though the show was always pretty good, the 1991-1994 years were the best. That was when the show really just seemed funny to others besides young kids, to me, anyway. It found its place during those years. I'm not obsessed with it like I was at 10 or 11, but it is becoming a favorite show of mine again. And I don't mind. Not at all.