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These are movies I acknowledge as bad but I love anyways
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If there's ever a batman reboot this is who I hope will play in it.
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This is seemingly popular, so I decided to do one.
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Some characters I pictured as my real life friends and some of them I couldn't think of anyone to picture as, so they won't be on this list. Some of them might not be 100% as the book describes... And, I actually haven't finished the whole book yet so some of the characters introduced later on won't be on here Fair warning: A LOT of them will be from The Hunger Games I REPEAT: THE MAJORITY will be from The Hunger games. Don't whine about it later.
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all of the original hunger games cast applies but these are the ones who i think suit the new charecters
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Worst. Movies. Ever!!
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Some movies that make me mad becausee they say there based on a book but they don't have anything to do with the book!
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im so exited to see these movies!!!