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a list of 22 people
Some great new stars here as well as some classic old ones.
a list of 26 people
Worst director, worst actress etc..
a list of 29 people
Great lovely women.
a list of 32 people
Your safe with them!
a list of 99 people
Faces of the Commonwealth and other friends.
a list of 38 people
Best Actors.English,Canadian,Irish,Australian and so on.
a list of 14 titles
there rubbish DON'T WATCH
a list of 50 titles
Some are so-bad there good, others are plain rubbish. this is my update of the great book this is based on.
a list of 74 people
Really great people.
a list of 40 people
Notable Americans of Canadian heritage, Notable Canadians who obtained American citizenship and americans living or lived in Canada
There classic actors,wrestlers, producers and directors.
Really greatnice people.hope you like the list.
a list of 48 titles
Films that have or had cuts and were or still banned. also Controversy films for there time.
with thanks to John Trevelyan.
a list of 8 titles
the best!
a list of 380 titles
Some are So Bad There GREAT, the Weirdest movies of all time. I'd like to give a special thanks to Michael Weldon with whos book and knowledge made this list possible.
a list of 191 titles
the bad films we love or Hate!
a list of 12 titles
And why they got that way.
a list of 75 people
great entertainers (not in order)
a list of 33 people
Action Legends and future stars in Number3
a list of 42 people
Really great Great action actors.
a list of 30 people
well known on British tv
a list of 14 titles
a list of 51 people
Old and new
a list of 25 people
Tough chicks
a list of 56 people
I miss them. very sad. i love comments and feedback
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best fighters
a list of 26 people
great looking actresses
a list of 67 people
top of the world.
a list of 55 titles
Fun for the whole family!
a list of 36 people
A first class list of the best.
a list of 29 characters
a list of 44 people
They made horror
a list of 23 people
And americans with French canadian descent, doing some research. also great actor and lovely women from Quebec.
a list of 252 titles
Old and new films. Ghouls, aliens, science fiction, bigfoot, murders, crazed farmers, mad scientists, vampires, sexy women...