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a list of 95 people
Faces of the Commonwealth and other friends.
a list of 50 titles
Some are so-bad there good, others are plain rubbish. this is my update of the great book this is based on.
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Really great people.
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great entertainers (not in order)
a list of 26 people
Worst director, worst actress etc..
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Great lovely women.
a list of 32 people
Your safe with them!
a list of 38 people
Best Actors.English,Canadian,Irish,Australian and so on.
a list of 14 titles
there rubbish DON'T WATCH
a list of 48 titles
Films that have or had cuts and were or still banned. also Controversy films for there time.
with thanks to John Trevelyan.
a list of 8 titles
the best!
a list of 380 titles
Some are So Bad There GREAT, the Weirdest movies of all time. I'd like to give a special thanks to Michael Weldon with whos book and knowledge made this list possible.
a list of 191 titles
the bad films we love or Hate!
a list of 12 titles
And why they got that way.
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Action Legends and future stars in Number3
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Really great Great action actors.
a list of 30 people
well known on British tv
a list of 14 titles
a list of 51 people
Old and new
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Tough chicks
a list of 56 people
I miss them. very sad. i love comments and feedback
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best fighters
a list of 26 people
great looking actresses
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top of the world.
a list of 29 characters
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They made horror
a list of 252 titles
Old and new films. Ghouls, aliens, science fiction, bigfoot, murders, crazed farmers, mad scientists, vampires, sexy women...