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an absolute treasure of a video, 5 June 2006

We saw the original production on-stage at the RST Strarford, and I can truly say, it was unique and truly beyond belief. The acting is superb, the settings awesome, and why Nickolas Grace isn't one of the most sought after stars in the world is beyond me. His Dromio is one of the most incredible performances I have ever had the good fortune to see, and it brought the house down time after time. Thatdoesn't, of course, detract from the other actors, the young Judy Dench, the much missed Michael Williams, and Roger Rees to name but a very few. You will also get a wonderful glimpse of a young Richard Griffiths at his most hilarious best. It is Shakespeare set to music,but still unmistakably classic and Stratford. Every song was a show stopper, showing the mark of the hand that brought Les Miserables to life. It is funny, colourful and clever, and though the video is good, it cannot be anything but a paler version of the actual event. Nonetheless, it is treasured for the memories of an original and totally breathtaking production. I saw it several times, and there really are no adequate words to describe the experience.