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Avoid this!! It looks like everybody has., 6 March 2016

The film came out over two years ago and we don't even have one external review or one user review. That should be enough to warn any horror fanatic but not me I have to watch every possession film out there so here we go. The acting is some of the worst I have ever seen and trust me I have seen some God awful acting. Thank goodness after the opening couple of scenes the dialogue drops down a few notches and you can barely here what the hell is going on. Did something happen to their audio equipment?? Well when you spend 15,000 on a film (I believe that was the budget)you can't go back and fix these issues. Possession The Ingloda Within feels like a student film that plays out like a dramatic soap opera on TV. The banality of this trite spawned me to write my first review in 14 months. Avoid this and watch other supernatural gems like Dark Circles, Lovely Molly, House of the end of time and the Spanish Orphanage. You have been warned....

Slice (2009)
Shocking film right to the end!!!!, 26 June 2014

I don't understand how this film passed me without me knowing about it in 2009. I guess the first problem is that the film's title has been used in countless films and TV shows that it would be easy to miss. Nonetheless I finally discovered it and I am glad I did. This film is raw, intense, nefariously debauched and very tough to watch. Filmed beautifully and yet weird at the same time, Slice is a film that demands your attention no matter how squeamish you may be. I found the film very sad as well which I thought added a different dimension to the macabre at hand. One of the better Asian horror films of recent memory. Watch slice if you can handle it because there are images on screen that will carve you out indelibly.

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As bleak as it can get BUT I strangely liked it., 22 March 2014

I have come to love French horror films over the last 10 years. The French have really honed in on the sub horror genre of body horror. They did a delightful job with BabyBlood back in the early 90's and then really turned on the heat in the 2000s with terrific films like In my Skin, Martyrs, Frontiers and Inside. The French Canadians got involved with the morbidly tasteless cadavers in 2008 so I was very excited to embrace this new French Canadian film Thanatomorphose. I was impressed and the 100 minutes went by so quick considering the pace of the film. The gore and f/x were fantastic for the budget and the acting was great as well especially by our main lead. Yeah she could've done a few more things like call the bloody hospital but then we wouldn't be treated to such sanguineous delights. My main problem with the film is I wish they were speaking French instead of English but nonetheless there isn't much dialogue in this film. Not for most people but for people that enjoyed early Cronenberg or Clive Barker.

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Congratulations Ohio!!!!, 15 January 2014

Like the previous reviewer said "WOW"....this was a terrific little chiller that really hit a home run on the festival circuits, it appears. The cast was perfect and the director knew how to perfectly work with them. This film is sort of a supernatural I Spit on Your Grave. Now nowhere near the visual brutality of that film but definitely just as intense on a cerebral level. Now I have read reviews all over on this film and I have noticed the reviews that aren't so kind seem to state the lack of action/gore/sort of in your face horror. I also noticed a lot of the negative reviews in which the viewer didn't really understand the film. This notion seems to have happened a lot with this film. This is a thinking man's horror film so get your pensive ball-caps on and proceed. It is one of the best of its kind a la The Changeling style circa 1981. Enjoy!!!

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bloody great time..., 7 January 2014

ONLY 4 users IMDb for a great indie from down under. Wow, I can't believe that. This film is fantastic and as far as comedy horror is concerned, one of the best. You can rank this one right up there with Society, Sleepaway Camp 2, Some guy who kills people and the very underrated Chopped. Down under have really given us some great celluloid over the last 5 years or so and this film is no exception. The acting is the best I've seen for this kind of film and the special effects are great. 100 bloody acres is a cross between Lunchmeat/TCM and just about any roady horror film of the last 10 years or so but what I loved about this film was it didn't stop being fun. You actually like the characters and speaking of characters Ms. McGahan you are absolutely gorgeous......

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4 Dead Girls and thats what we get here..., 7 January 2014

Well here we go again another c grade horror film that will disappear into obscurity in say a month. Bad acting with risible dialogue is not my prescription for a good time. I knew I was in trouble as soon as the film started with some horrible special effects and some of the most cookie cutter characters. The director substitutes these two problems by tossing sex scene after sex scene after sex scene in which there was nothing sexy about those scenes. A lesbian couple that are so annoying and a priggish girl add to the broth that has boiled way over my patience level at this point. I love Indy films that are shot on a shoe-string budget ( Check out Family Demons from down under or the no budget film Evil Things to satisfy your c grade film thirst. )but this film doesn't hit any level and after I watched it, I have re-titled it 4 dead girls and 1 dead boy.......

"Dexter" (2006)
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Best TV show ever!!!, 1 October 2013

Wow!!!!! How did I wait this long to watch this show. Two weeks ago my dad bought the first seven seasons of Dexter on DVD and I decided to give it a shot. All I can say is that it was the most addicting show I have ever seen. God I can't wait to watch the last season even though the reviews are average at best for the finale. I even shed tears on numerous occasions for certain characters, that's how attached I got to this series. In fact I felt like Dexter was apart of the family!!! Here is my breakdown. Season 1- Fantastic with the intro to Dexter. The Ice Truck Killer so riveting and intense. Love the ending.... Season 2- Better than the first, The Bay Harbour Butcher and Srg. Doakes. Lila a real Femme Fatal. Season 3- Slipped a bit here but nonetheless very entertaining. Didn't care much for Anton and the Skinner scenario. Season 4- WOW!!!!!! Not only the best season of Dexter but the best season of any TV show period!!!! The trinity Killer is the season and played with such amazing panache by John Lithgow. Trinity has redefined the serial killer moniker that was raised by Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecture....he is that good. The ending is the most chilling emotional moment I have ever experienced in TV/film. A masterpiece. Season 5- I loved this season which goes against the grain as most people didn't. What did you expect after the tumultuous denouement of Season 4. I feel if season 5 was anywhere else than after 4 people would've liked it more. All in all a fantastic season dealing with Dexter and fatherhood and healing. I loved lumen!!!! and the barrel girl gang for killers was chilling to the bone..... Season 6- Average at best. The doomsday Killer was doomed in my book right from the beginning. The least convincing antagonist in the series and by far the worst season of Dexter Season 7- What a comeback!!!! loved it all here. Hannah Mckay is Lila and Rita in one and Isaac is the most charismatic bad guy in the entire series. Loved the ending, almost as intense as the trinity finale. Here is my rankings.....4-2-7-1-5-3-6........

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Sonny Laguna delivers again..., 18 August 2013

I just loved the backwoods horror slasher film Madness and when I found out that this one was directed by the same director, I purchased it right away. What I love about Sonny Laguna's second horror outing is the love this man has for horror. This film has a very sleazy gory 70's grindhouse feel but with a touch of modern horror films like Cold Prey sprinkled all over it. The film looks gorgeous on DVD and it is hard to believe it only cost 5 grand to make. Terrific stuff here and we also have a great looking antagonist that can rival the best of them. Please Sonny make a sequel!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Mr Laguna's next project Wither. It sort of looks like Sweden's take on Evil Dead.....

Reel Evil (2012)
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Effective little surprise to the found footage sub-genre, 23 July 2013

Really?????? 3.0 out of 10 IMDb. After watching some God-awful found footage films like Episode 50, Back from Hell, Bucks County Massacre and Knock Knock 2 it was nice to embrace another gem. You can line Reel Evil next to other greats of the sub-genre such as Evil Things, Evidence and Crowsnest. This film had great acting for this type of film, FANTASTIC location in a real insane asylum in Los Angeles and some nice chills packed into a tight 72 minute creep-fest. My only problem with the film was the last five minutes but I am willing to forget about that and give Reel Evil a solid 7 1/2 out of 10. As a side note there was another horror film released in 2006 called Boo that was filmed in the same hospital.

The Hike (2011/I)
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The nadir of survival horror/torture porn...., 20 July 2013

I have seen some great survival horror films over the last few years, Resurrection County, Frontiers, Rogue River, I spit on your grave ( 2010 ) and Eden Lake to name a few. This one is the low point of this horror sub-genre. The acting and locations were good, it was just nothing scary about our antagonists. No back story, no character development and no suspense to speak of. Dull and boring that seemed longer then its 82 minute running time. I didn't buy into any of this and the ending is sooooo transparent and you can feel it coming from a mile away. If your lucky stay miles away from this film. Garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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